La conexión humana es el principio de todo.

Ofrecer experiencias superiores: ese es el porqué de nuestra existencia. En BCD Meetings & Events, trabajamos contigo para crear momentos que engrandecen, motivan, festejan e inspiran. Somos líderes mundiales en diseñar y ofrecer experiencias, por lo que combinamos nuestra red global, nuestras amplias conexiones y nuestro poder adquisitivo con una incesante pasión, unos conocimientos inigualables y una imaginación que no conoce límites. ¿El resultado? Experiencias inolvidables, tangibles, sorprendentes, relajadas, maravillosas y a la justa medida de las exigencias y la visión estratégica de tu organización. Somos BCD M&E y queremos que confíes en nosotros para dar rienda suelta al potencial de la experiencia humana.
Experiencias de Nivel Superior.

No hay nada que inspire más que rodearte de personas a las que les apasiona crear. Nos arriesgamos, damos la bienvenida al cambio y avanzamos mirando hacia el futuro. Partir de una base que es, de por sí, magnífica nos hace mucho mejores.

Nuestros valores

Invierta en el futuro
Nos apasiona dar forma a la próxima generación de reuniones y eventos.

Resuélvalo en conjunto
La colaboración es un aspecto central en lo que hacemos. Desafiamos y mejoramos juntos.

Actúe con rapidez
Tenemos un propósito en lo que prometemos y en cómo innovamos para poder cumplir en tiempo y forma.

Haga lo correcto
Operamos de forma abierta y fomentamos la transparencia para que siempre seamos dignos de confianza.

Dé lo mejor de usted
Nuestra pasión y creatividad nos impulsan. Creemos que la única forma de hacer un gran trabajo es amar lo que uno hace.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion

Recent events have raised concerns about inequality and injustice to a fever pitch across the U.S. and around the world. Within BCD, our global executive team felt strongly that our employees deserved to hear from them about our commitment to diversity and inclusion. The below message was sent to employees worldwide; since then, many employees have expressed their strong support for the message and asked us to make it more widely available.

A message from our Global Executive Team

As a global meetings & events company, we exist to bring people together. When people come together, they create opportunities for shared experience, dialogue and growth.

Ongoing social injustices and civil protests around the world have highlighted the stark inequalities that prevent some people from being empowered participants in these opportunities. At the same time, they’ve inspired thousands of people to join together in peaceful demonstration.

As a company, we’ve traditionally stayed out of public debate on social issues; our focus has been on the work of providing a safe, respectful and inclusive work environment for all our people. However, in the current atmosphere of heightened awareness and involvement, we believe it’s important to add our voices to the discussion and share our perspective with you.

We can’t all personally understand the experiences of those who are affected by social injustice—but we can all have the empathy to understand that these inequalities should not be tolerated. We wholeheartedly support all those who press for justice, and we are saddened by those whose violent and destructive actions distract from the importance of the issues at hand. And we stand with the individual members of our BCD family around the world who have been directly or indirectly affected—not just by recent events, but by further-reaching legacies of inequality.

BCD’s commitment to diversity and inclusion is longstanding. But we recognize that we must always strive to do better by our people and our communities, and that our work in this area can never be “done.”  Earlier this year, we embarked on updating our diversity and inclusion charter. As part of that discussion, we’re challenging ourselves to further listen and strengthen our approach to building a diverse and inclusive workplace. From offering our people additional training and resources to re-evaluating the impact of our initiatives, we’re committed to moving forward in the spirit of humanity and humility.

Our commitment is rooted in our core values. In tackling tough challenges as a team (Teamwork), driving change (Innovation), advocating for justice (Integrity), making things happen (Strength) and empowering ourselves and others (Vision), we move toward a better tomorrow.

We truly believe the events of the past week and the pandemic are linked not just in chronological proximity but in what they represent: Both reveal an infection we have yet to overcome. We all have a role to play in fighting the infection. And it’s only by embracing that role that we—and our communities—will flourish.