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7 tips for booking your graduate conference venue for a Gen Z audience

Choosing the right venue for a graduate conference is crucial to its success, especially when catering to a Gen Z audience. This generation, born between 1997 and 2012, has distinct preferences and expectations, and as digital natives, they prioritise connectivity, inclusivity, and sustainability.

Here are the top considerations to keep in mind when booking a venue for a Gen Z graduate conference.


1. Location and Accessibility

Central Areas

Gen Z values convenience and excitement. Opt for venues located in central areas with easy access to public transport, restaurants, and cultural attractions. A vibrant, bustling location can enhance their overall experience, offering plenty of opportunities for networking and leisure activities outside the conference hours.


Ensure the venue is accessible for all attendees, including those with disabilities. Look for features like ramps, elevators, accessible toilets, and clear signage. This inclusivity aligns with Gen Z’s values of diversity and equity.

The shard and london scape

2. Technology and Connectivity

High-Speed Internet

Gen Z has grown up with technology at their fingertips and expects seamless connectivity. Ensure the venue offers high-speed Wi-Fi capable of supporting multiple devices without lag.

Advanced AV Equipment

Modern, high-quality audiovisual equipment is a must. This includes large screens, projectors, high-definition sound systems, and reliable microphones. These tools are crucial for engaging presentations, interactive sessions, and smooth-running events.

Charging Stations

Provide ample charging stations and power outlets throughout the venue. Attendees will appreciate the convenience of being able to charge their devices during breaks.

blue technology

3. Sustainability

Eco-Friendly Practices

Sustainability is a key concern for Gen Z. Choose a venue that practices and promotes eco-friendly initiatives. Look for venues with LEED certification, energy-efficient lighting, recycling programmes, and waste reduction policies. Highlighting these practices can enhance the appeal of your event.

Sustainable Catering

If catering is provided, opt for venues that offer locally sourced, organic, or plant-based options. Reduce plastic use by choosing venues that use biodegradable or reusable utensils and containers.

flowers and bee homes

4. Flexibility and Customisation

Versatile Spaces

Gen Z appreciates flexibility and creativity. Choose a venue with versatile spaces that can be adapted for various activities, from keynote speeches to interactive workshops. Movable furniture and modular spaces allow for customisation according to the specific needs of the conference.

Unique and Inspiring Design

A venue with unique, modern, and inspiring design elements can make the event more memorable. Look for spaces with natural light, interesting architecture, and vibrant decor that can energise and inspire attendees.

colourful arm chairs

5. An Interactive and Engaging Environment

Breakout Spaces

Gen Z thrives on interaction and collaboration. Ensure the venue has breakout spaces for small group discussions, workshops, and networking. These areas should be comfortable and conducive to conversation, with seating arrangements that encourage engagement.

Interactive Technology

Incorporate interactive technologies such as touchscreens, digital whiteboards, and virtual reality stations. These can enhance the learning experience and keep attendees engaged throughout the event.

Woman with technology

6. Cultural and Experiential Elements

Local Culture

Incorporating elements of the local culture can make the event more engaging and memorable. Choose a venue that reflects the local heritage or offers opportunities for cultural experiences, such as local art displays or food tasting.

Experiential Activities

Gen Z values experiences over material possessions. Incorporate experiential activities such as interactive exhibits, hands-on workshops, and immersive experiences that align with the conference theme.
group at table talking

7. Reviews and Reputation

Peer Reviews

Gen Z relies heavily on peer reviews and testimonials. Research the venue’s reputation by reading reviews from previous clients. Positive feedback about the venue’s service, amenities, and overall experience can significantly influence their experience.

Social Media Presence

A strong social media presence can be a good indicator of the venue’s engagement and relevance. Check if the venue actively engages with its audience online and has a positive image.

social media icons


Here at BCD M&E we’re experts in finding you the perfect venue for your requirements. Partnering with many of the world’s leading brands on their graduate programmes, we understand how important the venue is to the event experience. If you’d like to speak to one of our Venue Consultants about your upcoming graduate conference requirements, then do get in touch.


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