Focus on your goals. We’ll take care of the people.

Creating an ideal experience for attendees while providing logistics, turnkey management and invaluable analytics.
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Logistics are the often overlooked but hugely important aspect of any event or meeting. Who? Where? How? When? All of it needs to be choreographed to perfection. We’ll take care of it all so you can focus on the Why.

From the moment attendees leave home, our team can help them through the airport, make sure they arrive safely, assist with accommodations, transportation, food, entertainment, you name it. We want to create the unforgettable, so we forget absolutely nothing.

Meticulous planning. Flawless execution. Passionate service. Whatever it takes. It starts with our people: the best and most experienced in the industry, giving our clients the knowledge, the connections, the foresight and the confidence to go well beyond expectations. Every time.

You were all over every detail, agile with all of our changes and made yourself seamlessly part of our team...I have no idea how you managed it all, but your ability to do it was beyond impressive.

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Celine Wong
Senior Events Manager

I’ve been with BCD M&E for almost 5 years as I enjoy my work with the dedicated client account and the interactions I have with the clients. The trust and empowerment that our management entrust in me, as well as the camaraderie within my team and the rest of the colleagues keep me going.

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