Virtual solutions for your meetings and events

Trust our experts to produce an exciting digital experience when in-room meetings or face-to-face events aren't feasible.

Maintaining human connection through digital experiences.

As technology makes connecting with audiences easier, and financial and global dynamics present new challenges to live meetings, virtual meetings and events provide a great alternative.

We have deep expertise in broadcasting corporate events, enabling us to confidently customize your events based on real experience. Our platform is flexible and scalable, making it customizable to a wide range of meeting needs.

  • Professional quality

Your audience should feel like they are watching CNN, with a professional host, branded graphics and animations, and fluid transitions.

  • Strategic content

We think there is an opportunity to use video and animations more strategically during these virtual meetings to tell each broadcast’s story in more memorable ways.

  • Dynamic Storytelling

By engaging several remote sites to share the presentation responsibility, we vary the voices we hear and the perspectives we see on the story we are trying to tell.

  • Technical execution

Our global, cloud-based, enterprise webcasting portal can be used for live and on-demand events, featuring security options and tech support.

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