Large High Tech Client

Increased client sales with a program allowing vendors to compete for funding of their best ideas

Der Auftrag

A large high tech client had co-marketing funds to invest in driving sales of a specific solution across a network of reseller partners with different go-to-market tactics. They needed to manage to a consistent set of milestones and reach ROI goals with every partner investment, but they also wanted to allow each partner to employ their best practices and preferred marketing strategies.

Die Lösung

BCD Meetings & Events designed a program that allowed nominated partners to “compete” for funding by submitting their best and brightest plan to achieve the client’s specific sales goals. This approach captured the best of both worlds, so the client could invest in programs with the highest likelihood of achieving specific milestones and sales results while allowing each partner to leverage their market knowledge, proven marketing programs, and their unique best practices.

Das Ergebnis

In six months, the program generated 101 closed deals and 49X ROI. As a result, this program format has been widely adopted by the client’s other product marketing and vertical industry teams and has become a core best practice for managed co-marketing funds investments that strengthen the client’s partner relationships.