Manufacturing Client

Networking opportunity during customer event enriches relationships & creates unforgettable attendee experience

Overview: 15-year relationship

Our seven year partnership allows for a seamless customer experience.

Client Stats: 80 attendees

Client Stats

  • Manufacturing industry company
  • “Super Bowl” of NASCAR
  • 80 Attendees
  • Independent dealers, guests and hosts
Event stats: 4 days / 4 nights

Need to Know

  • 4-day/4-night event
  • Focus on networking, relationships & collaboration
  • Consultative approach
  • Created opportunities for 1:1 connections

The Brief

For the past fifteen years, we have partnered with our customer to help bring a select group of guests to NASCAR’s Daytona 500 race. Some of the invitees had been to the race in the past so the challenge was to create an experience like no other. The client’s primary goals were to enhance customer relationships, network to better understand customer needs and to have 1:1 opportunities to connect.

The Solution

BCD Sports managed the pre-program planning, registration, air ticketing, mobile app and on-site operations for the event. The main event gave guests an all-access pass to the Daytona 500 including pit tours, garage tours and access to the sponsor’s suite. In the days prior to the race, we created unique networking solutions including an event within the event in which attendees participated in a “Top Chef” cook-off. Attendees also participated in optional local activities and enjoyed dinners together.

The Results

This partnership has stood the test of time. We successfully completed this event in February 2017, marking our 15th year in a row of partnership with the customer.

The 2017 Daytona Programs were an outstanding success with both of our groups in Ponte Vedra and Rosen Shingle Creek. The planning, execution of the events was flawless and the efforts made our top customers proud to be aligned with Goodyear. Every single detail was perfect and gave me the time to be with our valued customers.

The Story

The key to a successful event is a strong partnership with your customer. We have had the privilege to support this event for the past fifteen years, and each year it gets better. The customer was looking to host a specific group of customers to target networking and collaboration. The goal was to give them an experience they wouldn’t forget as well as to demonstrate the client’s strong bond with NASCAR.

We managed the pre-program planning, registration, air ticketing, mobile app and on-site operations for the event. The event spanned across four days and four nights in which invited guests had the chance to connect and network for the first two nights as well as the opportunity to participate in activities and local touring. On race day, guests were treated like true VIPs. They may have attended the Daytona 500 race in the past, but never like this!

Attendees were given an all-access pass to the race, including activities such as pit tours and garage tours. They were treated to food and drink in the client’s suite and had every need attended to during the race.

The final day of the program was used as a business meeting to better understand how the client and the customers could enhance their working relationship.

Our first priority was to make the experience seamless. We worked closely with our client, trying to anticipate their needs so they could focus solely on hosting their guests. As meeting managers, we understand the responsibility we have been given in planning these important events and we take that responsibility seriously.

In the end, the customer was thrilled and the attendees were excited and energized about their new connections and partnerships. We have already been asked to plan this event again which is a true mark of the success of this program.