Netball World Cup Tournament

One tournament with variety of package options provides opportunity to deliver memorable, customized experiences

Success: Sold out in 48 hours

Bringing the world to an amazing event without fear, without hassle and with endless enthusiasm.

Client stats: 551 Attendees

Client Stats

  • 551 total attendees
  • Independent travelers and clients from different industries
  • Multiple points of departure from New Zealand
Client Stats: 4x Higher Than Projected

Need to Know

  • BCD Sports New Zealand was named an official travel agent for the 2015 Netball World Cup
  • 3 base packages offered, all with options to upgrade
  • Packages sold out within 48 hours
  • Final numbers were four times higher than initially projected

The Brief

In 2015, we partnered with clients to bring them to the highly anticipated Netball World Cup. Customized packages for 551 attendees from various parts of New Zealand were created to enable everyone the ultimate experience of this exciting tournament.

The Solution

We created a three wave program which covered the different rounds of the tournament, allowing our clients to create an experience to best fit their objectives. We organized the pre-program planning, registration, air ticketing and accommodations. Guests were greeted in Sydney, Australia by our friendly staff and tour leaders all there to enhance their adventure. By providing three different package options, we allowed individuals and companies to customize their travel arrangements and their overall experience.

The Results

The three package options sold out within the first 48 hours. As a result of the program’s success in 2015, BCD Sports New Zealand is working on becoming an official travel agent again for the next Netball World Cup in Liverpool, England in 2019.

We cannot thank you enough for such an amazing and well organized trip… Can’t wait to see what you come up with next time.

The Story

By providing a product we knew our clients would love, BCD Sports New Zealand was able to target a niche market and sell out our initial packages within the first 48 hours of offering them. Our final numbers were four times higher than initially projected.

We managed the flights, accommodations, match tickets, welcome functions and tour leaders. Clients had the option to select from three different programs: one spanning the entire tournament, another spanning from the quarter finals to the finals, and lastly an option focusing on the finals weekend. This allowed clients to select durations that best accommodated their needs, while providing travelers with a seamless experience.

Our number one priority was to create a stress-free environment for participants. We worked directly with clients to better understand their expectations to maximize their experience. We understood the importance of delivering the perfect experience and went above and beyond to exceed client expectations.