Sponsorship Asset Management Program

One bespoke platform to manage thousands of requests.

Bringing thousands of attendees to world class events, seamlessly.

Client Stats

  • Large luxury automotive client
  • Over 10,000+ assets requiring management
  • 7 different sports sponsorship events requiring asset management and reporting

Need to Know

  • A bespoke tool to manage the allocation and management of tickets was created and tailored to client specifications
  • Managed all logistical processes related to ticket inventory, booking, packaging, recording, and reporting across all seven sponsorship events
  • Provided onsite assistance staff and managed activities and sessions within various sponsorship events including capacity management
  • Acted as the first point of contact for all ticket requests and developed dedicated communication lines to facilitate these requests

The Brief

The client required a specialized asset management agency to work with internal teams across each partnership and sponsorship to create one place where all ticket assets are managed. A web-based system was needed for tickets to be managed, requested and approved, including flexible communications, custom information capture, and detailed reporting. An operational resource was required to manage the approvals, fulfill the requests and answer any queries from requestors.

The Solution

Our experience managing and fulfilling tickets for former clients, as well as our previous experience managing the registrations for this current client’s calendar of events, ensured we had the experience and knowledge to meet the objectives.

The Results

Tens of thousands of tickets were successfully fulfilled over the course of the seven sponsorship events. Throughout the process, consistent reporting ensured that tickets were well utilized and cross charged accurately. The logistical support from BCD resulted in client-side time being greatly reduced and massive resource saving on the behalf of the client.