PSV Eindhoven Travel Logistics Program

Simplifying the complex through exceptional attention to detail

Providing unforgettable experiences through unrivaled preparation

Client Stats

  • Four groups of over 250 total attendees to manage
  • Each group had unique logistical requirements

Need to Know

  • Multiple transfers were required across different groups
  • Registration platforms needed to be developed for business clubs and sponsors
  • Charter flights were arranged with departure from Eindhoven Airport

The Brief

PSV Eindhoven needed support in organizing and executing the logistics of a travel program for several groups traveling with the team including media & safety, business club & sponsor, and the O19 youth teams. Each of these groups would have different transportation & accommodation requirements that needed to be accounted for. Additionally, two charters and registration in CVent was needed for the business clubs and sponsors.

The Solution

BCD Sports developed a comprehensive logistical schedule for all four of the teams that needed management throughout the program. Details for charter flights, sourcing and booking, transfers, and catering were all handled with extreme detail to avoid any unnecessary complications. Events were executed in all ‘play cities’—London, Milan, and Barcelona—and exclusive hotel solutions were prepared for respective groups.

The Results

All of the client's logistic needs were fulfilled in a timely and efficient manner. High-end service was provided to the PSV teams through exceptional attention to detail and seamless travel execution. The business club sponsors were provided with networking opportunities and all attendees were satisfied with their service.