UEFA Champions League Final 2016

Maximizing Client Sponsorship

Global: 21 countries

Logistics, safety and organization. That is what we focused on. Why? So guests didn’t have to focus on anything but fun.

Client stats: 752 guests

Client Stats

  • 411 hotel rooms managed in 2 Milan hotels
  • 21 countries represented
  • 20 VIPs
  • 1 charter flight ensured safe transit of over 100 people from London
Logistics: 411 Hotel Rooms

Need to Know

  • Successfully distributed 752 match day tickets and hospitality vouchers.
  • Provided match day return transfers for all guests in the face of significant disruption to traffic and public transport caused by a major sporting event.
  • Managed and implemented a complete communication plan before and during the event.
  • BCD Sports created a personalized registration platform.

The Brief

BCD Sports provided all 752 of the clients’ guests, including 20 VIPS, with a once in a lifetime experience at the 2016 UEFA Champions League Final.

The Solution

We created and issued all pre-match communications, implemented a bespoke logistics plan for the host city, and oversaw all transportation. We handled ticket management, distribution and multiple match seating plans.

BCD Sports also created a personalized registration platform that allowed each ticket booker to register guest information, book flights, hotel rooms and match day transportation. This helped consolidate the large number of attendees, giving each guest personalized attention and planning. If the guests had any questions or problems they were encouraged to reach out to our event mailbox or hotline, which put them in direct contact with the on-site event team. We also handled post-match guest management and outbound ground transportation.

The Results

All of our client’s guests safely and successfully accessed the stadium and enjoyed a memorable match. The event was completed to pinpoint perfection, creating an overflow of positive feedback from the client and their guests.