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Virtual Sales Incentive Program

Increasing sales and engaging sales managers through a self-funding Incentive Program

354 participants increased sales by $8.6M (+12.2%) over assigned sales objectives, with an overall ROI of 29 to 1 return on total program cost.

Success story

The Brief

Our client needed a cost-effective sales incentive for their direct sales team. Both Sales Managers and Salespeople would participate in the incentive, which could not exceed a 60-90 period. The goal of the promotion was to encourage participants to reach beyond their assigned sales objectives.

The client required that the entire program be self-funding through incremental profit projected from increased sales profit.

The Solution

Using each salesperson’s unique assigned sales objectives, we created a 4-tier sales goal incentive
program. Upon login, each participant could view their unique sales goals and corresponding reward payouts. Goals were established using already assigned sales objectives as the “baseline” or
minimum acceptable sales volume with added increases. Sales goal tiers were set at 10%, 25%, 50%
and 100% sales growth over previously “baseline” sales objectives.

Each participant received an invitation email to activate their account. Acceptance of the invitation
was REQUIRED. Those who did not accept were not allowed to participate.

The entire program was delivered online with real-time tracking to allow participants to view their
individual sales production vs. reward levels. The program required a communications campaign for
launch and ongoing, to make certain participants were engaged and keep the program “top of mind.”

At the end of the program, participants were emailed unique notifications of their level of
achievement. Reward points were then deposited, and they were free to redeem their reward(s) from
20,000+ merchandise and travel rewards.

The Results

The launch of the program was met with great enthusiasm among all participants. Program results
exceeded all expectations. 354 participants increased sales by $8.6M (+12.2%) over assigned sales
objectives, at a program cost of $295,000. This reflects an overall ROI of 29 to 1 return on total
program cost.

A total of (64%) of participants achieved. Program began as a sixty (60) day program and due to
program popularity and successful results, the program was extended for an additional thirty (30)