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Presenting BCD Sports

CHICAGO, IL – April 27, 2017 – BCD Meetings & Events, a global meetings and events agency, has long helped sports clients with team travel and corporate hospitality. Now, they have formalized BCD Sports, an independent unit focusing exclusively on the sports market. Building on their existing portfolio of clients, BCD Sports will focus on designing and executing unforgettable athletic immersion experiences for corporate hospitality and coordinating team travel for professional and youth teams and collegiate clients, taking their offering to the next level.

“We’ve seen that is a need for a reputable company with global resources to handle team travel logistics and provide peace of mind for staff and players,” said Charlene Rabideau, SVP & General Manager for BCD Sports. “That need also extends to corporations looking to create long-lasting experiences for their clients and partners. We handle both for our customers while minimizing risk and maximizing experience.”

BCD Sports has behind it the power of one of the leading travel management companies in the world as well as one of the top meetings and events agencies. In addition to their many years of managing team travel and hospitality logistics for clients, this gives them the advantage of an extensive network of global resources to fulfill client needs.

“We know there are smaller companies providing these services for clients on a case by case basis, but we believe BCD can provide a more consistent, scalable and cost effective service on a regional and global level, “ said Scott Graf, Global President, BCD Meetings & Events. “Safety, security, financial viability and insurance all play important roles in selecting and operating with reputable suppliers around the world; this is BCD’s strength and should give customers peace of mind.”

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