The Power of Choice at Your Fingertips

Our proprietary, intuitive technology empowers users to choose where and how they book their meeting.
  • Provides choice and autonomy for users through an easy-to-use, self-service tool for booking hotel and meeting space
  • Onboard quickly with minimal training because of intuitive work flow and user-friendly interface
  • Gain insight through data and reporting on previously unmonitored meeting activity to drive future program and policy
  • Mitigates risk by using a PCI compliant small meetings booking product

Simple Meetings FAQS



Q: Can I have multiple searches for the same date range?

    Only one request can be open per location, during a date range. You can, however, search other locations simultaneously. If you want to revisit a search location or date range that is already open, you can edit the criteria or stop the bidding and submit a new request.


    Q: Can I book meeting space only?

    Yes, choose the option ‘Meeting Space’ at the top of the home page.


    Q: How can I narrow my search? I am getting to many results.

    Be very specific in your search criteria (budget, number of rooms, etc.) and further narrow your search by selecting specific location, star rating, and other options after the results screen.  You can also sort to see the most relevant results.


    Q: What if the contact at the hotel asks to take the process outside of Simple Meetings?

    The initial contact, offer acceptance, and contracting portions of the process should always take place within Simple Meetings in order to ensure the data is captured and customer service support is available. Let the hotel know that you’ve been instructed to work within the tool and escalate any issues to your designated Simple Meetings planner. You will receive an email from your planner shortly after you submit your request.



Q: What if the hotel I prefer is not appearing in the search results?

    Simple Meetings has partnerships with most hotels, but there may be a rare occasion when you are unable to find a specific hotel in a particular location. In these cases, reach out to your designated Simple Meetings planner – they may be able to help get your preferred hotel signed up for the program. You will receive an e-mail from your planner shortly after you submit your request.


    Q: How long does it take to get hotel bids?

    Response rates vary by hotel. You will likely see a few bids returned immediately, while some may take a few hours. The search page will refresh automatically as new bids come in, and you can also choose to leave the page and come back later to review the new responses. Your search will remain active in Simple Meetings until you accept or stop the bidding.


    Q: Where are the full details of a hotel’s initial offer and rate?

    The hotel will provide their initial sleeping room rate on the left side of the bid. The bid will include details in the comments section. If you have any questions about their offer, click ‘Contact Hotel’ or ‘Request Call’ to be put in touch with a hotel sales representative.


    Q: What if the hotel I want says it is not available?

    The hotel may respond and say they are unavailable. The bid will be updated to indicate that. If you remain interested in the property and would like to verify availability, contact the property directly. If you are able to reach an agreement, direct the hotel to update their bid in Simple Meetings to ensure the request and contract are captured correctly.



Q: How will I receive the contract?

    After you’ve agreed on terms and rates with the hotel, they will send the contract for your approval. Once finalized, they will upload the contract into Simple Meetings to be signed.


    Q: What does the contract process look like?

    Once you and the hotel agree on the terms of the contract, the hotel will send you an e-contract within Simple Meetings. Please review all details, terms, and conditions. After you sign the contract, the space and rates are locked in. You can also attach an addendum and execute a contract outside the tool.


    Q: What is the difference between a standard and configurable addendum?

    A standard addendum is offered during the RFP process, as part of the Foundation package; a configurable addendum is offered in the Enterprise package, with the flexibility to add it at any point during the contract process. (For information about the packages available, see question under account settings.)


    Q: When is the contract binding?

    Once signed, the contract becomes a binding, legal document. Carefully review all of the guest room/meeting space information, business terms, and cancellation policy prior to signing. If you have any questions, please contact your designated Simple Meetings planner.


    Q: What’s the difference between the Simple Meetings Foundation Package and Enterprise Package?


    Q: Can the Hotel Search tab be turned off so that users do not have the ability to book eight or less sleeping rooms?

    Yes, but this is only available through the Simple Meetings Enterprise package. This function is not available in the Foundation package.