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9 to 5 With Evelin Serritos

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The key to a successful event is content that grabs the audience’s attention and keeps them engaged. This is something that Senior Motion Graphics Artist, Evelin Serritos, knows well. She spends her workdays crafting creative animations to elevate video and social media assets. So what goes into producing these engaging elements? Spend the day with Evelin to find out.


9 to 5 with Evelin Serritos

9:00 AM

I’ll start my day with breakfast and a cup of coffee. Sometimes, two. Once logged on for work, I’ll go through my inbox to see if any requests or feedback has come through to get an idea of what my day is going to look like. I also like to check in with my team members to say hello. Since we’re all virtual it helps to stay connected.

Our workload shifts all the time based on the current events we’ve got, so we don’t always know what our day is going to look like. Sometimes I’ll have a rush request come through and I’ll get started on it right away.


10:00 AM

My role involves making motion graphics for both shows and independent content that clients can put on their website, use in email campaigns, internal communications, and even social media.

Today, I’m working on completing a social media graphic for a client to promote their upcoming virtual event. Once I received script approval, I was able to animate the text driven loop that included event details. The client will then share on their social media to get the audience excited for the event.

12:00 PM

There are times when things get busy but I always make a solid effort to take a break for lunch. I think it’s very healthy to take short breaks throughout the workday as well! Since I work from home, I like to make myself something for lunch, brew some tea, step away from my computer and disconnect. I have a porch with a little balcony garden so sometimes I’ll sit out there. I’m growing jalapenos right now and currently have two little ones that sprouted.

1:00 PM

I work within the Production & Creative Content team in the Visual Design department. More often than not, any graphics on screen that move, our team handles. We work with a lot of other departments as well, especially to ensure that event media has the same look and feel. So, a lot of brainstorm sessions, conversations and collaboration which I really enjoy.

Before starting on a new project, I like to join a kick off call with my Producers to get the run down of what the project is, what assets are needed and chat through ideas of what could work well for it.


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3:00 PM

When we have a lot of shows happening at once, I’ll often work on several motion graphics projects in a day. It can be anything from opening videos, transitions, graphics support for video edits and everything in between!

Today, I take some time to create lower thirds for a show. We receive requests for these primarily for virtual shows. Sometimes, there’s as little as 5 but for bigger shows there can be anywhere from 50 to 100!

Every day is something different but I really love animating and the craft of putting things in motion. Even if it’s just something small. I’m really lucky to do what I love.

Infographic explaining types of animations | Global agency, BCD Meetings & Events

5:00 PM

Typically, I sign off around 5:00 PM but if we’re busy it will be closer to 6. I like to make dinner so after work it’s straight to the kitchen. It really helps me to decompress and relax. It’s Taco Tuesday almost every day here!


Originally published Sep 13, 2021 11:13:35 AM
Last updated on Dec 28, 2022 3:20:19 PM

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