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Meetings Management

Meetings That Move

At any scale and every level, we’re here to make it perfect

Crafting connections

We celebrate the power of human connection by bringing people together in a way that builds loyalty, enthusiasm and momentum within your organization.

Companies looking to optimize their meetings program need an experienced partner to develop a scalable solution customized to their aims and culture. For large events, small meetings and everything in between, we design a program perfectly suited to your specific needs — and a solution that anticipates what is to come.

Choosing to work with BCD Meetings & Events simplifies your world — one partnership, as opposed to many. One team with a smart, flexible solution that will positively impact the way your company approaches meetings management.

Work with us

Meetings Strategy

We bring together the best of our world to make your meetings productive and unforgettable.

Venue Sourcing

Enhance your meetings and events with the ideal venue, strategically sourced by our experts to communicate your vision and exceed expectations.

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Other Capabilities

Attendee Management

Through meticulous planning and flawless execution, we create ideal experiences for attendees while providing logistics, turnkey management and invaluable analytics.

Production & Content

Event production and content creation that delivers the wow factor through dynamic storytelling, engaging video, considered design and so much more…

Meetings Technology

Customizable technology solutions that cover all your needs by digitizing services, increasing efficiency and empowering users.

Virtual & Hybrid Meetings

Our trusted experts produce exciting digital experiences that are fully customizable to your meeting needs, without compromising on human connection.

Brand Experience & Engagement

Creative program planning that builds continuity and provides a seamless, personal experience for your attendees — pre-, during and post-event.

Event Design & Communications

Injecting your vision, theme and brand into every element of an event, to amplify your message and to make every moment count.

“It was a phenomenal success and our recent follow-up survey, across nearly 100 sales professionals, confirmed it. They are energized, confident, laser-focused and ready to conquer the world — and our competition — as a result of this great time to focus together.”

Meetings Management client