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Event Design & Communications

Architects of the experience journey

Intentionally addressing every element of your event to amplify your message

Laying the groundwork

Whether your experience is in person or virtual, designing an impactful engagement journey is critical to the participant experience. By strategically mapping every moment, we identify points of impact and create enthralling experiences that are carefully tailored to amplify your message and to achieve your goals.

Our reputable event design process intentionally addresses every element of an event, and ensures your vision, theme and brand are embedded into each step of the journey. We build content, communications and experiences that align with the motivations of your key attendee personas and, as appropriate, generate revenue for the organization. Our teams serve as an extra lens, looking for shared meaning and moments that matter – for ways to connect the dots between people and experiences.

Do you dare to be different?

We give you access to a boutique design agency as part of your larger event strategy and meetings management plan, leveraging our knowledge of your culture and company to inform the creative work that fuels experience. All under one roof, with no lost details or need to brief another supplier.

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