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Annual Global Company Event

Successful week-long event for Professional Services Customer

Outstanding success for multi-program event with individual objectives whilst also acting as DMC for London

Success Story


Highlighting the very best of London


  • Annual week-long meeting to provide global company update
  • Attendees ranged from 500-900
  • Multi-program event that had individual objectives


  • Served as DMC for London
  • VIP experience with a balance of activity and relaxation
  • London was selected as the central theme

The Brief

An annual event for the client held within a chosen key city that brings together key areas of the business for a global update on the company, a detailed review of the current global markets and the future of business. Regional events also take place to encourage networking across the whole company. The event is a vital cascade of information from the American HQ across the whole of the international operation.

The Solution

We were appointed to operate as a destination management company for London and provide full event logistics and support through the week-long event. We devised multiple programs that encompassed key sessions and objectives of the event. We managed all elements from transportation to accommodation, dinners, meetings and activity programs.

The Results

The week-long event was declared an outstanding success with the whole global audience. We have been selected to design the next event in Miami to continue to build on the outstanding successes of this year. The best of London was showcased in a short timeframe and VIP touches were created throughout the week ensuring each guest felt special and connected with London as a city to do business in.

Just incredible, I can’t express my gratitude enough for the fantastic services I have received. We faced numerous challenges, and everything was tackled professionally and with outstanding results. Thank you.


The Story

London was chosen as the central theme for the event as it celebrated the vibrancy of destination and London’s significance to business. With numerous stakeholders, each party fed in elements they wished to include and these were all encompassed to create the overall experience.

Notable event highlights included eight regional dinners for up to 500 guests across London, a private after-hours evening dinner for 800 at the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square with a welcome champagne reception in one of the gallery’s most prestigious collections. After the reception, the dinners were set up by four regions within different wings of the gallery. Guests dined amongst the artwork creating an exclusive and unforgettable experience. After dinner a “London Pub” including live entertainment was created for guests within the National Café space. This was the first time the National Gallery had held an event such as this.

The program’s biggest evening was an exclusive networking event at the Natural History Museum in South Kensington for 900 guests. Although the end results were breath-taking the venue posed numerous obstacles due to its nature of being a public museum that closes at 17:30. We were only granted access for set up from 18:00 and with projection mapping, live musical acts and fully dressed spaces that were to evolve throughout the evening this proved a challenge that we successfully met.

The museum halls were transformed into winter wonderlands that after the main address evolved into summer meadows, dancefloors were created around the ancient relics with celebrity DJ Rick Parfitt Junior entertaining the crowds and at the foot of the iconic dinosaur structure a 360 bar was placed allowing guests to move freely within the main hall and around the icon. Guests marvelled at dodos as they sipped glittering cocktails or enjoyed a pudding miniature plucked straight from one of the ‘dessert bushes’. What we created bought an already impressive museum to life with a London focus.

We were commissioned to create a graphical identity that would tie all individual events together. We reflected the strong brand identity and colour scheme in all touch points and communications of the events from the lighting of the exterior of the Natural History Museum to personalised room keys and vehicle wraps. All event communications were identical in format ensuring consistency and the same delegate experience across all languages and regions.

For the theming of the Natural History Museum the concept evolved with client site inspections to maximise the space and enhance the immersive experience. Numerous themes were conceptualized but the winner celebrated the nature of England and London, tying the overall theme into the live event.