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Meetings Technology

Purpose-built events management technology

Empowering human connections with advanced, user-friendly solutions

When considering event technology, apps or registration software might be the first things that come to mind. While these are essential for modern gatherings, it’s important to think more broadly about how technology can help you achieve your program’s goals and objectives.

Tech that empowers

With six proprietary solution offerings in our purpose-built technology portfolio, EMPOWER by BCD M&E, we ensure you have the tools needed to elevate your meetings and events to the next level. Each tool is designed to create efficiencies and enable our team to address your specific needs while providing unmatched service.

From streamlining venue sourcing to enhancing attendee engagement and offering consolidated analytics with interactive visualizations, our innovative solutions are crafted to exceed your expectations.

Explore each tool to discover how EMPOWER can drive success.

The EMPOWER portfolio


BCD M&E’s proprietary digital venue sourcing platform. Venues offers powerful tools for managing tailored program requirements, financial workflows, and detailed reporting. Quick to deploy and user-friendly, it ensures exceptional process governance and meets stringent global security standards, providing you with a secure, reliable solution.



HCP is a versatile internal application built to manage Life Sciences meetings and HCP programs. It offers configurable features to ensure compliance and mitigate risks, supporting end-to-end program management for operations, finance, and compliance teams. With HCP, you benefit from streamlined expense management, online reimbursement, and robust reporting, capturing and managing program, attendee, and financial data for valuable insights.



Invitation is a Cvent add-on that simplifies event invitation management. Easily upload invitee lists from past registrations, CRM contacts, or third-party sources. Customize approval workflows to ensure only vetted lists are used, and trigger registration invitations through Cvent once approved. Invitations syncs data with Cvent, allowing you to seamlessly monitor registration statuses.



Expense is our intuitive expense management tool, designed to streamline payment requests independently of payroll systems. Customize expense categories and payment details to fit your business needs. Secure, passcode-protected logins ensure your data is safe, allowing payees to upload expenses and supporting documents anytime. Approved requests are securely exported, enabling seamless payments via BCD M&E or your preferred platform.



Assist is BCD’s powerful Generative AI tool, designed to enhance productivity and streamline daily tasks. Prioritizing responsible AI, Assist ensures the security and privacy of our data and intellectual property. Rather than replacing human creativity and expertise, Assist collaborates with you, augmenting your skills to achieve even greater results.



Insights is your central hub for aggregating and analyzing data from various sources. Our powerful analytics transform this data into valuable business insights, enhancing your decision-making process. With customizable reports and robust data cleaning, Insights delivers clear, consistent information and enables benchmarking key metrics and multi-year analysis, driving your success.


Customized Solutions with EMPOWER

Your business and meeting needs are our priority. By evaluating your unique requirements, we customize technology solutions that drive efficiency, enhance programs, and mitigate risk.

First and foremost, BCD M&E is a service company. We leverage technology to enhance our offerings. EMPOWER allows us to integrate with third-party technologies, providing bespoke solutions tailored to your specific needs. Tools such as Aspire and Engage are third-party solutions we incorporate to offer comprehensive and customized services.

Interested in learning how our technology solutions can transform your meetings and events?

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