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Our Focus On Sustainability

Steering the future of meetings and events

Sustainability runs broadly across environmental, social and economic spectrums. While climate change and carbon emissions are clear targets for reducing negative environmental impacts, there are much wider areas of focus that also blend into sustainability such as wellness, DE&I, humanitarian work and the leveraging of localized products and services.  Ultimately, sustainability within the meetings and events space requires a holistic approach that addresses these issues simultaneously.

BCD Travel and BCD Meetings & Events share a joint Sustainability Framework.  We use the power of our networks to drive sustainability through Our Company, Our People, Our Business Partners and Our Customers.

While much of the focus is on the emissions from travel to and from an event, what happens during the event itself is just as important – from plastics and food waste to venue energy consumption, attendee wellness and local community impact.

We assist clients in their sustainability journeys through our Sustainability Toolkit, which provides helpful tools for both education and implementation, including our:

  • Venue Scorecard
  • Event Checklist
  • Carbon Emissions Calculator
  • Meetings Management Maturity Model
  • Carbon Compensation
  • Thought Leadership

BCD M&E believe that it is crucial to inform and educate meeting and event attendees about sustainability efforts, as well as the reasoning behind them.  This can help to foster a sense of collective responsibility, positive engagement, and acceptance for the undertaken actions.

BCD Meetings & Events is a division of BCD Travel Group. We partner with our colleagues at BCD Travel on our Sustainability Program – including all reporting and certification, which is undertaken collaboratively.
BCD M&E work to interpret and develop our sustainability processes and procedures in alignment with BCD’s Sustainability Core Principles and Framework.

Click the button below for access to more information on BCD’s Sustainability Program, certification and annual report.


Sustainability at BCD
Sustainability at BCD

We align with the latest best practices

Not only do BCD’s priorities align with the latest best practices, like receiving a Platinum EcoVadis rating for the fourth year in a row, having a verified SBTi target and being a UN Global Compact signatory since 2008, but BCD M&E has ISO 20121 certification in our US, UK and German operations.

Awarded in 2022, this certification – for our Sustainable Event Management System – recognizes that we have implemented a framework for any type of event or event-related activity to recognize sustainability in all our key focus areas.  With this, we are able to consult with our customers to ensure their meetings and events policies and planning are sustainable.