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Meetings Technology Enhancement

Cost savings delivered for 40+ annual meetings

Technology enhancement for attendee management drives process efficiency and delivers cost savings

Success Story

The Brief

Our client ─ a leading professional services firm  ─ was looking to enhance their attendee experience by improving management of over 40 annual meetings that would host 25,000+ attendees.

BCD Meetings & Events (BCD M&E) were tasked with implementing an automated roommate pairing functionality within the client’s existing meetings technology, to replace the manual process that was being used ‘behind the scenes’.


The Solution

BCD M&E began by gathering support from the meetings program owner and top stakeholders by successfully demonstrating the positive impact and efficiencies that the automated functionality would provide.

During the registration process, BCD M&E also provided training on the added functionality in order to increase attendee experience and to further optimize the pairing process.

The Results

BCD M&E’s optimization efforts improved the client’s overall efficiency process and resulted in over 80% of attendees using the roommate pairing functionality during the initial meeting registration.

As well as decreasing the overall process time, the need to hire a temporary registration manager for five months of the year was eliminated. This allowed BCD M&E to deliver significant cost savings to the client, on an annual basis.