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BCD M&E: Setting Sustainability Standards for Meetings & Events

When it comes to planning and delivering meetings and events, we know there’s no single solution for sustainability, but we believe our programs should encompass environmental, social, and economic considerations. By consistently striving for progress and embracing various sustainability initiatives, BCD M&E are setting new standards in the meetings and events space. Here’s a look at some of our notable achievements and the positive impact we’ve been able to make with our global commitment to more sustainable event planning.

Driving sustainability at BCD M&E: Setting green standards for meetings and events

EMEA All Employee Event 2022

In 2022, BCD M&E held a regional event for hundreds of employees across EMEA. With sustainability as a key focus, we began by selecting Berlin as the destination, due to its green credentials. A minimum of 30% of attendees were encouraged to travel by train, in order to significantly reduce the event’s carbon emissions.

We were thrilled to showcase our sustainable event planning by utilizing BCD M&E’s very own Carbon Footprint Calculator, which was developed alongside Advito (BCD’s consultancy arm) using the industry’s first ever ISO-certified methodology. The tool ensures our measurements are accurate and allows us to compare our results with past and future events.


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Single-use plastics were eliminated throughout the event and traditional ‘giveaway’ presents were replaced by conscious choices that aligned with our plastic-free approach. When it came to F&B, 30% of the event menu incorporated vegetarian food, which further reduced our carbon impact. We are proud to share that our sustainable scheme successfully reduced the carbon emissions for this particular event by an impressive 17.8 tons of CO2.

Leaders in Sustainable events


Another milestone in BCD M&E’s sustainability journey was the LATAM CUMBRE 2022, where our regional team made an exceptional effort to prioritize sustainability. We meticulously reviewed and selected vendors based on their green practices, ensuring that every aspect of the event was aligned with our goals. We minimized our environmental impact by offering alternatives to single-use products, adopting digital materials, and reducing packaging.

To support the local community, we partnered with the Panama Botanical Park. We embraced digital solutions, such as e-invitations and TV stands in order to significantly reduce the need for paper and the event menu included a wide range of vegetarian and vegan options. Following the event, we published a comprehensive carbon footprint report on attendee transportation, which served to reinforce our commitment to transparency and accountability.


A culture of sustainability

Beyond specific events, sustainability is at the heart of what we do at BCD M&E. Our company values are connected to our Sustainability Framework that continues to drive positive impact for our company, people, business partners and customers. They speak directly to our passion for sustainability and our focus on the next, next generation. From implementing ethical business practices and our involvement in human rights initiatives, to promoting employee development that supports personal growth and meaningful work, we’re committed to doing good when we do business.


Looking ahead with confidence

As we forge ahead, we remain focused on our pursuit of sustainability. Our upcoming Supplier Event Serotonin in Zurich, scheduled for November 2023, is already a shining example of our progress. With over 75% of our staff traveling by train, we’ve already managed to significantly reduce our carbon footprint. We are planning the event with a focus on sustainable project management, including considerations for catering and stage design, whilst prioritizing attendee well-being.

At BCD Meetings & Events, we take great pride in our role as pioneers in sustainable event management. Our achievements are a testament to our unwavering commitment to sustainability. By continuously striving for progress and embracing various sustainability initiatives, we are setting new industry standards. We are proud of our efforts to create a better future, and we invite others to join us on this important journey. Together, let’s pave the way for a more sustainable events industry, leaving a positive impact on the planet and future generations.


Originally published Jul 24, 2023 8:10:23 AM

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