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Event Tech vs Event Management Tech: The Ultimate Showdown for Meeting Success in 2023

When you think of meeting or event technology, the first thing that comes to mind may be apps or registration software. Now, whilst those are integral to a modern event, we believe it’s time to think more broadly about how technology can help you to accomplish your goals and objectives for your meetings and events programs. First, it’s helpful to understand the difference between event tech and event management tech, which we believe is an important distinction for businesses to make in 2023.

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Event Technology vs Event Management Technology

Event Technology

Event technology is all about the attendee experience. Think: managing and engaging your attendees or delegates around the actual event, including on-site activities such as check-in, badges, event apps and real-time surveys. It refers to a broad range of tools, software and equipment that are used to improve the overall experience for attendees and presenters, by facilitating engagement, communication and content delivery.

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Event Management Technology

Event management technology is about the planner experience. This tech is what drives the backend of events, from the ideation to the meeting request process all the way through to the actual sourcing, building, execution and reconciliation of your event. Though it’s less front-facing and less glamorous, event management tech is the workhorse of meetings and is our secret weapon to levelling up our cients’ programs. From managing financials to sourcing, contracting, suppliers and more – event management tech is the builder that ties every piece of your meeting or event together.

Whilst they serve different purposes and address different needs, understanding how to levarage both event management tech in addition to on-site event tech is crucial to creating a successful event.

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BCD M&E’s proprietary solutions

A lot of great third-party players exist in the event management technology space, but BCD M&E has its own suite of proprietary solutions to fill gaps, to augment the collective knowledge of our teams, and to enable processes where a third-party tool may not quite fit a need, or the needs of a client aren’t ready or robust enough for a third-party tool. Our tools integrate with, and are sometimes built on top of, third-party solutions so we can help clients make the most out of investments they’ve already made.

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Enhancing how technology is maximized on the backend to harness data and improve processes supports business growth and arms planners and stakeholders with knowledge to make better, more informed decisions. In a service-based business, equipping teams with the tools to work smartly is fundamental to delivering better solutions.

Want to know how event management technology can upgrade your programs and drive your business objectives forward in 2023 and beyond? Our latest technology report offers expert advice on maximizing the value of your data and explains how you can use machine learning, artificial intelligence, and robotic process automation to upgrade your programs.

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Originally published Mar 20, 2023 5:30:00 PM

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