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Expert tips for sourcing housing for your graduate programmes

Graduates starting out on their programmes may be experiencing a corporate environment for the first time, new to living alone, and, for some, it may be their first time exploring a new country and culture. It’s important, therefore, to get the housing right and offer them a safe and secure place to stay while they navigate their way through the start of their career.

In this article from the BCD Meetings & Events team, we look at how to source the perfect housing for graduates.

  1. Set a budget per graduate

    Determine a clear budget to ensure financial feasibility.

  2. Consider the distance from the training venue/offices

    Assess travel expenses and ease of journey from the housing to the training venue or office. Sometimes, staying a bit farther can save money and offer more options.

  3. Decide on shared vs non-shared

    Shared apartments (2 or 3 bedrooms) can reduce costs and promote networking. Ensure they offer private bedrooms and bathrooms with shared kitchens and living spaces.

  4. Understand the food and beverage facilities

    Check if the housing has kitchen facilities and access to nearby supermarkets or restaurants.

  5. Determine the safety and security

    Look for housing with 24hr manned receptions, digital keycards, per-floor key access, and CCTV cameras.

  6. Assess the onsite facilities

    Ensure amenities like laundry services, frequent cleaning, leisure areas, and co-working spaces are available.


Why choose apartment accommodation over hotels?

Serviced apartment accommodation is a great solution to housing graduates both from a cost perspective as well as creating a home-from-home experience – essential for a graduate’s wellbeing. Post Covid the recovery of business and leisure travel will continue to fill up hotel rooms, therefore we recommend our clients to consider the benefits of using serviced apartments for their graduates. 89% of corporate lets foresee longer stays or expect them to remain consistent in 2024 (

Bed with grey covers and plant

Cost benefits of serviced apartments

  • Lower Rates: Serviced apartments are often 20% cheaper than hotels of the same standard.
  • No Hidden Fees: Avoid extra charges like room service, mini bars, or WiFi.
  • Longer Stay Discounts: The longer the stay, the cheaper the nightly rate. VAT reduces to 4% after 28 nights.
  • Shared Apartments: Sharing can further reduce costs and promote networking.

In-Room Facilities:

  • More Space: Apartments offer more room than hotel rooms, with usually dedicated workspaces away from the bedroom and secure WiFi.
  • Kitchen Facilities: Graduates can cook their own meals, reducing food expenses and offering more dietary freedom.

Onsite Facilities:

  • Community Environment: Enjoy communal kitchens, lounges, and coworking areas to network with other graduates
  • Additional Amenities: Some apartments have gyms and swimming pools.
  • Pet-Friendly Options: Some apartments can cater for pets.
  • Laundry Facilities: Onsite laundry reduces costs compared to hotel services.

Aparthotels: The Best of Both Worlds

Aparthotels blend the amenities of hotels with the homely feel of apartments, offering facilities like onsite restaurants for breakfast or meeting rooms/business centres.


How BCD M&E can help with your graduate programmes

Our dedicated team will act as an extension of yours

Our experienced team understands graduate programmes and housing requirements.

Our strong partnerships ensure you get the best rates

We have established excellent relationships with key apartment providers and hotels.

We manage all your accommodation needs, giving you time back in your busy diary

We source, negotiate, and present suitable housing options tailored to your needs. We also manage the contracting process, including cancellation/attrition terms and payment schedules.

We can support end-to-end for larger programmes

For larger programmes, we offer enhanced services for communication and housing management. This includes managing the allocation of housing for graduates and setting up email campaigns to directly communicate accommodation details to graduates via a unique static page with a link to the allocated accommodation.

Hotel lobby with sofas and chairs Exterior of apartment block with lights on

Ensuring graduates have the right housing sets the stage for a successful start to their careers. Let BCD Meetings & Events help you provide a secure, cost-effective, and comfortable living experience for your graduates.


Originally published Jun 19, 2024 11:32 AM

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BCD Meetings & Events

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