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7 Immersive Experiences for a More Sustainable Event

Plastic-free? Tick. Eco-focused venue? Tick. Locally sourced F&B options? Tick. Have you covered all the key areas to ensure your event is greener, but are struggling to creatively weave sustainability more into your agenda? In this article, our design, production and logistics teams highlight their top ways to immerse your event in sustainable experiences, from kinetic technology to air-purifying living walls.


Make your event more sustainable with these 7 ideas

1. Create a living wall

Living walls don’t have to be created only to be dismantled post-event. Instead, build into the agenda the opportunity to add plants to a living wall that has a legacy beyond the final session. Plant walls aren’t just a great way to incorporate nature into spaces, they can also work to purify the air, add a calming atmosphere and help reduce the ambient temperature.

A living wall at a corporate event | Global Agency. BCD Meetings & Events

2. Meet by bicycle

For large-scale conferences and exhibitions, have attendees travel between sessions by electric scooter or bicycle. Instead of your standard 1:1 meeting hunched over a table, why not encourage attendees to take to the outdoors and have a business meeting by bicycle. A great way to add wellness elements to the agenda, whilst still providing networking time.

A bicycle parked outside an event venue | Global Agency. BCD Meetings & Events

3. Generate energy with every footstep

Have your attendees turn footsteps into off-grid energy with smart flooring technology. By installing this kinetic tech in busy footfall areas within the event space, your attendees can help generate electricity for the event. Use this energy as electricity credits for local areas in need, to power LED signage, or to fuel electric device charging points.

A male event attendee walking over a kinetic floor | Global Agency. BCD Meetings & Events

4. “Do good” runs

Do you want to incorporate active sessions into your agenda, but not your bog-standard 7am 5K? Why not build in fitness sessions that give back to the local community. Groups can run, walk or cycle to areas in the event’s local community that need support. From beach cleaning and tree planting to helping out at the nearby community centre. A great chance for attendees during your event to give back to the planet whilst also keeping active.

5. Create an immersive LED canvas

Immerse your audience in audio-visual content with this more sustainable form of technology. LED bulbs can be up to 80% more efficient than standard bulbs. A brilliant way to create a highly effective installation, that is more eco-friendly.

A LED Canvas | Global Agency. BCD Meetings & Events

6. Save the bees

With a third of the world’s food production dependent on bees and other pollinators, they’re a pretty-important species to look after to help keep our ecosystem in check. Planting wildflowers is a simple way to support bees with their essential food sources throughout the seasons. Add a bee workshop to your event agenda, and plant wildflowers in the venue grounds, all accompanied by a honey-infused cocktail mixology experience.

Bumble bee landing on pink flowers | Global Agency. BCD Meetings & Events

7. Forage & feast

With a wealth of tasty morsels tucked in our hedgerows and fields, a foraging experience can be a fun way for attendees to learn about ingredients on their doorstep. Break up your event agenda with a foraging workshop with an expert. Round off your evening with a Chef’s Table experience, feasting on all your findings.
A picnic box full of foraged mushrooms | Global Agency. BCD Meetings & Events

Whether you’re looking for the latest new venue opening with eco credentials, creative sustainable activities, or ways to make your event production kinder to the planet, the team at The Collective by BCD Meetings & Events has a wealth of ideas. Just drop us a line at [email protected]. We’d love to hear from you.

Download our Sustainability Guide for Meetings & Events for more ideas

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Originally published May 16, 2022 10:37:12 AM
Last updated on Oct 23, 2023 10:27:13 AM

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