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11 Ways to Care for the Planet While Traveling for Business

Did you know that companies that practice sustainability and encourage their travelers to do so, enjoy more profitability and happier employees? For Earth Day 2023, we’re reflecting on ways the business travel community can take action to invest in our planet. Keep reading for a checklist of 11 sustainable actions to try now – and to share with your network.

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Sustainability tips for business travelers

  1. Limit trips to necessary business travel that help strengthen relationships and add the most value to your company’s objectives. Internal meetings that don’t boost sales or the bottom line are a good place to start using virtual collaboration.
  2. Combine appointments on one trip by planning in advance.
  3. Choose direct flights and fly economy class wherever possible. And don’t be afraid of intercity trains!
  4. Use ridesharing and public transportation where feasible, safe, and permitted by the travel policy. For example, take a hotel shuttle instead of a cab.
  5. Choose the most environmentally friendly rental vehicle permitted by the travel policy, preferably electric or hybrid, and carpool when you can.
  6. Go paperless. Refrain from printing itineraries, presentations, and other documents as much as possible. Use approved electronic devices and services instead.Related article: Print Matters: How to Be Sustainable Without Sacrificing the Event Experience
  7. Get creative with where and how you meet. Invite colleagues, clients, and prospects to join you for volunteer activities that help the planet, like beach or park clean-ups. The experience may yield surprising relationship-building benefits.1
  8. Decline single-use plastics. offered in offices, hotels, restaurants, and other public spaces, where possible. Buy refillable bottles and compartments for toiletries and medicines, such as solid shampoo and shaving soap bars.
  9. Collaborate with your travel arranger to identify eco-friendly hotels. Check the eco-certifications and amenities at hotels. Saunas, spas, and restaurants can increase hotels’ CO2 emissions.
  10. Consider using towels and linens a few times before having them changed.
  11. Pack light. The less baggage you have, the less fuel it takes to get you there. Whilst you’re at it, you could look into using luggage made from recycled materials and from manufacturers offering repairs – the longer your luggage lasts, the less likely it is to end up in the trash or landfill.
    *Bonus tip – Be a positive influencer. Posting conversations and green tips on your social networks from time to time is an easy and free way to spread the word and encourage your co-workers, clients, and prospects to join you in investing in the planet. Why not start by sharing this blog post?

Sustainability and corporate social responsibility aren’t just corporate buzzwords. They’re a call to service, reminding us that big and small steps can help protect our world and its resources. To learn more about how to incorporate sustainable practices into your meetings and events strategy, download our 2022 guide by clicking below.

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This blog first appeared on BCD Travel.


Originally published May 2, 2022 9:27:30 AM
Last updated on Apr 20, 2023 1:32:59 PM

Written by BCD Travel


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