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How Hotels Can Help Planners Produce Sustainable Events

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The environmental impact of corporate events

Sustainability continues to be top of mind for planners due to the environmental impacts of corporate events. From travel emissions to food waste, and energy and water usage, there are considerations to reduce an event’s ecological footprint at almost every step of the planning process. The good news is that hotel partners, such as Hilton, have produced programs and tools aimed at assisting corporate event planners in organizing sustainable meetings and events.


Sustainable Hotel Considerations 

As the place where attendees meet, eat, and stay, hotels play a crucial role in corporate events. Working with hospitality brands like Hilton who take the responsibility for sustainability seriously can go a long way in not only reducing the collective carbon footprint but also in helping to tell that story to stakeholders in an easy and compelling way.

For example, the LightStay™ Meeting Impact Calculator report demonstrating carbon usage, community service and new sustainability initiatives are among the resources Hilton offers event organizers to help drive awareness of their environmental footprint and benefit the local community. In fact, this complimentary Meeting Impact Calculator report allows planners to track the energy, carbon, water, and waste produced from their event or meeting — all they have to do is ask for it. Organizers can also opt for pre-event reporting to help with their planning, which includes suggestions and solutions to reduce their projected footprint based on their RFP. Post event, they’ll receive a full report detailing their overall impact.

Additionally, Hilton hotels can help event organizers find social impact projects in the cities where they meet to drive team building and benefit those in need.

Since 2009, every Hilton property is required to track its waste, water, energy usage and volunteer hours against prior years through the LightStay program. Currently, Hilton is the only hospitality company measuring its environmental impact in every single hotel on a global scale.

For a more comprehensive look at Hilton’s sustainability and social responsibility efforts, check out the brand’s most recent Travel Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report.


Visit to learn more about LightStay, Meet with Purpose and Hilton’s ESG goals.


Originally published Dec 20, 2021 7:00:00 AM
Last updated on Dec 28, 2022 11:24:24 AM

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