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How to Create a Rewarding Virtual Incentive Experience

It’s no surprise that the COVID-19 pandemic brought incentive travel to a screeching halt. Programs involving all-inclusive resort stays, once-in-a-lifetime experiences and award ceremonies had to postpone and opt for a safer solution. Believe it or not, there are still ways to deliver an exciting incentive experiences for your top performers through a virtual program.

Continue reading to discover how you can still celebrate, motivate and reward employees with a virtual incentive event.

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Delivering incentives through virtual experiences

Top performers provide critical value to an organization’s success. And especially during this unique time, it’s imperative to keep them engaged and motivated. Incentives can still move business forward, we just need to get creative. Here’s how we can still bring the most memorable experiences into the homes of a company’s most important audience: their employees.


Hosting a Virtual Event

Produced virtual events are a great way to connect with and celebrate employees. For example, a virtual awards ceremony can be brought to life with branded animations, multiple speakers and a variety of segments, including video messages from leaders, to engage the audience.

Formalize the affair by encouraging employees to dress for the occasion and turn on their webcams. Food and beverage can also be provided by way of cocktail kits for signature drinks and gift cards to meal delivery services. Commemorate the event by shipping an award or personalized gift straight to attendees’ homes.


Creating a Memorable Digital Experience

Though they may look different, the digital space still allows for creating memorable and personal experiences. Even though the event may be virtual, it’s still about providing that exclusive access to something desirable they may not be able to attain on their own.

Think: cooking demos with a celebrity chef and meal prep kit provided so participants can cook along at home, an exclusive performance by a well known artist brought into their living rooms or an interactive session with a celebrity where participants can engage with them directly.


A man and woman cooking together in a kitchen as part of an Incentive Experience | BCD Meetings & Events

The Future of Incentives

As parts of the world begin to recover from the pandemic, we’re seeing incentive trips with fewer winners, smaller groups and domestic destinations that require less travel. But, with so many eager for a safe return to traveling, it’s anticipated that incentive trips will make a comeback post-pandemic, After all, these programs are imperative in connecting employees to a brand and to each other and will continue to be a powerful way to motivate and reward.


Originally published May 5, 2020 7:30:00 AM
Last updated on Jan 4, 2023 9:25:17 AM

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