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Simplify Non-employee Reimbursement With MeetingSource™ Expense

At BCD Meetings & Events, we’re proud to provide the convenience of non-employee reimbursement with our MeetingSource™ Expense tool.

Traditionally, there have been many challenges with non-employee reimbursement.  These include the cost of providing a license to an internal expense system and the time and effort involved in a manual process. MeetingSource™ Expense gives non-employees, such as interns, HCPs and VIPs, the power to collect and upload their expense data, then transfer to the company with ease. All in the convenience of a digital format.

Below, we take you on two separate reimbursement journeys. One as a non-employee using the traditional process of collecting physical receipts, scanning, uploading and filling out excel forms. And the other using our MeetingSource™ Expense tool to capture and submit receipts in a secure and easy way.  Which method of reimbursement would you prefer?

For more information on this tool and others, visit the BCD Meetings & Events website here.


Originally published Nov 24, 2023 11:07:09 AM

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