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Meeting Technology to Enhance HCP Engagement

It’s hard to imagine a corporate event today that doesn’t integrate technology. But the same isn’t always true of life sciences meetings, where the number one priority is to educate. How can technology be used more effectively to engage participants? In this article, we’ll explore three types of meeting technology that not only help to educate, but also captivate an HCP audience.

Meeting Technology to Enhance HCP Engagement | Global Agency, BCD Meetings & Events

What do HCPs want out of meetings?

To identify which technology trends will capture the attention of health care professionals (HCPs) on-site, we must first understand our audience.

There has been significant research around what HCPs want out of meetings and why they’re going to them. The primary reason is that HCPs are looking for information and knowledge sharing that will benefit their practice and patients. The second reason is having the opportunity to network and engage with peers, experts and relevant content.

It’s imperative for meeting planners to create opportunities for HCPs to learn and interact, and technology can be an excellent enabler to do so. Technology can also be a game changer in terms of trying to tailor and customize an experience for an HCP that delivers exactly what they need out of that meeting.

The technology used within a life sciences meeting must have value for the attendee. And yes, there is such thing as too much technology, especially if it doesn’t satisfy their needs or slows down the momentum of a meeting.


How to use technology to engage
health care professionals

For pharmaceutical and life sciences companies, it’s crucial to provide a stimulating environment for their niche audience while on-site. These attendees are often experts in their field and can provide valuable insight and dialogue, contributing to the event’s objectives. They can also be key opinion leaders whose influence outside of the meeting has potential for considerable impact.

Including these technology ideas may not only satisfy the goals of HCP attendees but help maintain engagement as a way to accomplish your brand’s objectives.

Create connections with augmented reality

Augmented reality provides an interactive experience by superimposing computer-generated visuals within a real-world environment. The biggest benefit of incorporating AR into life sciences meetings is the emotional experience it delivers to attendees (watch the below video for an excellent explanation by our VP of Life Sciences). Creating an emotional connection on-site provides a powerful experience and thus, a memorable one. This information will most likely stay with your attendees, motivate an action and even encourage discussion beyond the event.

Artificial intelligence and the use of event apps

Utilizing artificial intelligence at life sciences meetings can help deliver desired information to attendees almost immediately. The matching potential of AI allows HCPs to network and learn based on their specific interests. For example, a meeting app that asks a series of questions upon login can take the data, quickly analyze it and provide session recommendations based on attendee interest. It can then also facilitate networking opportunities by connecting people who are interested in the same topic.

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Promote learning through iPad technology

The use of iPad technology among HCP attendees provides the ability for attendees to dive deeper into the content being presented. And since knowledge and information are a priority for this attendee type, the technology can benefit them as well as your brand.

Each attendee is provided with an individual iPad with slide deck content pre-loaded to it. The attendee can add notes, translate, chat, ask questions, define words, participate in polling and more. In turn, this gives access to data on how people interacted with the content, how long they spent on each slide and more. Content can then be adjusted as needed.


Originally published Jan 14, 2020 5:00:00 AM
Last updated on Jan 4, 2023 12:00:16 PM

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