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The Top Meetings & Events Industry Articles of 2021

For the meetings and events industry, 2021 has been a year of cautious optimism and transition as we strive to move forward from the pandemic’s impact. Vaccination rates provided hope in parts of the world while the Delta variant thrusted uncertainty among meeting programs. This is apparent in the most popular topics from our Insights this year. You’ll see an interest in virtual and hybrid meetings remain while a return to live events is still top of mind.

In case you missed these great reads, here are our top five blog posts of 2021.


The 5 most popular posts of 2021


#5) Myth Busters: Truth About Virtual and Hybrid Events

Myth-Busters-The-Trust-About-Virtual-and-Hybrid-Events_resized-300x200When the pandemic hit in 2020, many live events were transitioned into virtual experiences. And as the world began to open up this year, a hybrid format became another safe consideration for meeting. But, along with these options came various questions that our team was eager to answer.

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#4) Easy Ideas for Sustainable Virtual Events


With the absence of travel, food and beverage and paper materials such as signage, it was quickly realized that virtual events are a much more sustainable option. But how can brand’s continue incorporating sustainability into their virtual programs?

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#3) The Science of Human Connection: Why We’re Wired to Meet

The-Science-of-Human-Connection_resized-300x200Technology has been imperative in staying connected when the world was forced apart. And virtual will remain an important part of meeting strategies moving forward. However, it’s important to remember our hyperconnected society may also take a toll on our psychological well-being.

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#2) The Business Case for Returning to Meeting Face-to-Face


Back in March, we surveyed our current customers to gauge the future of their meeting programs. In this post, we share stats and figures around their response to the return of face-to-face and hybrid meetings.

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#1) The Pros and Cons of Hybrid Meetings

As the industry began to recover this year, interest in hybrid meetings and events piqued. Our most-read article of 2021 detailed the advantages and challenges of hybrid meetings, including everything you need to know about hosting your event in this format.

Socially distanced meeting with masks

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