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Three Key Considerations for Your Video Content

Ever wondered how to get someone to come out to an event? Why it’s important to tap into your audience’s emotions? Or, what exactly the significance of meaningful content is? Well, you’re in luck! Join Taylor Smith, part of the team behind FIlms BCD M&E’s Video Production and and filmmaking house, as he shares his expertise and reveals the three key considerations for creating impactful video content.


Know your audience. Talk to them the way they want to be talked to, using a medium that makes sense.

Whether we like it or not, every attendee has a habit or a routine that they rely on in order to help them navigate the ever-present saturation of content in today’s world. Whether watching an ad on TikTok or viewing the latest gallery showing in an immersive museum, this content is being delivered to them in a way that is custom tailored for them and delivered at the perfect moment. Tools like AI are only making this entire process more refined, intentional, and perfected.

As leaders in the corporate space it’s our duty to get our company’s core messages and values across to our customers and employees in a way that not only speaks to them directly, but also inspires and motivates them to carry those values throughout their day. We can’t expect the same old slides to work the way they used to because it just doesn’t resonate. From the moment they receive an invite to when they’re sitting down for a general session, each attendee needs to feel like their time is being respected and valued, and they need the message to matter.


Be authentic and tell your real story, no matter how exciting or boring you may think it is.

Not everything has to be “sexy” or “creative”, but there is a compelling story to be told by every leader in every part of a business. If we don’t connect with our attendees and establish trust from the beginning, nothing we share on stage or screen will be worth the effort we’ve put into it. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to sell a brand of beer or sharing the company’s Q4 results, if you aren’t being authentic then you’ve already lost.

Something as simple as an opening anecdote from a presenter, or a meaningful piece of content to start a session can go a long way to develop a bond with your attendees and once their guard is down, you can get to business.


Consider new ideas or new technologies, but only if you’re doing it intentionally.

AI? Great. Mixed reality? Fun. The metaverse? DOA.

All great technologies must be tested. Entire companies have come to power and fallen apart riding the ever changing waves of technology. That’s not to say that it’s bad, or that it doesn’t have it’s place. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think that AI was going to change the world. It is. The point is that without the people who think, design, write, create, prompt, or test these technologies, all we have left around us is useless hype. Each technology is a tool and every tool is only as good as the person wielding it.

As experts in the world of human connection and emotion, that is what we must value above all else. Technology will certainly help us along the way, but it has a time, a purpose, and even an expiration date just like every other tool that has come and gone over the years. Be innovative, but be weary.



Originally published Feb 20, 2024

Written by Taylor Smith

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