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Using Creative Content to Excite Attendees for Your Event

An organization’s people are busy. Day-in and day-out, striving for excellence in their performance, and bringing goals to fruition. They’re dedicated, talented and exactly who you want representing your brand. Your big celebratory event is coming up, and you know the first step to success is building anticipation to get this stellar team excited. But… another email? Really?

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After a year working from home, digital communication has taken an even more pronounced role in our day-to-day. Conversations that used to be over coffee, or swinging by a coworker’s desk, have all found their way into our inboxes. Stuffed to the brim with reply all’s, cc’s and message threads that definitely should have been a quick call, what exists for many as their mission control hub has become more convoluted than ever before. With so much competition for the modern workforce’s limited attention, it’s crucial to create memorable content that cuts through all the clutter.

When crafting your pre-event communications campaign, it is imperative the information you’re sending builds excitement and sets the color and tone you want to expand upon during your live event. When it comes to generating impactful messaging, using high-end production, video, graphics and other dynamic creative solutions is key to ensuring your best people know the caliber of the event you’re putting on. Here are three of our favorite ways to build anticipation for your event using creative content in your email campaigns.


Must-have media for pre-vent Communications

Compelling Video Content

At The Collective, nothing thrills us more than wowing clients with our visual storytelling capabilities. We have decades of combined experience in the field, and are experts in crafting innovative corporate video content. Our teams of writers, producers, directors, cinematographers, graphics artists and editors bring their honed talent to each and every project, illuminating your unique story with care, passion and imagination.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then video is worth a thousand pictures. We often recommend utilizing video in communications as a well-crafted watchable can be invaluable in inspiring your best people to get on board. We know from experience that dazzling footage and thoughtful storytelling are quite effective means of enticing teams and building hype and awareness. There’s a myriad of ways you can use video content in your pre-event comms campaign. You can create hype videos and destination reveals to get your team excited for the event; these videos weave engaging language and entrancing b-roll to spur the imagination and stir the senses. You can create a video series; producing and disseminating interview-style clips that give folks a chance to get to know and learn from your executives; or, consider including interviews with previous attendees discussing their time at last year’s event. Hearing a co-worker glow about their experience will surely help to fire up your squad. You can use video to deep dive into the event, give more details on the location, what attendees can expect and look forward to, and even highlight any VIPs that may attend. To get the most out of your content, think about creating a social media campaign and dedicated event hashtag to generate additional buzz.

Easily Digestible Audio Content

As our media landscapes evolves, people want to be able to consume their content in a variety of ways. While video may be great for the folks who have some time available for screens, audio content like podcasts can reach your audience during a much wider array of activities. They can listen to your content on their commute, while they’re making dinner, walking the dog, or even while working on another project. Podcasts are a great way to immerse your people in greater detail to company culture, vision and values. You can use podcasts as a novel, engaging way to distribute educational content and help vivify your brand. Episodic content can help showcase the multidimensionality of your company, with each segment highlighting different teams, divisions, or initiatives. Consider making a podcast series to replace lackluster sales training processes with something more vibrant. Or, have top execs interview thought leaders in your field, continually driving enthusiasm for the future of your industry.

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Eye-Catching Graphic Content

Email has become a pillar of our work lives. Many of us receive hundreds of emails (or more) a week, but very rarely do we look twice. Very rarely does one of these messages really leap out at us.

When one does—it’s instantly memorable. It breaks up the humdrum nature of the medium and injects some much-needed movement and color into a generally static space. Using unexpected motion graphics in email campaigns (and repurposing them for social media) is a surefire to get your folks’ attention. When you’re staring down a chasmic, text-laden inbox every day, some dynamic graphic work is certainly going to pop. Use these assets to start building and instilling your event’s theme and identity, so by the time your event rolls around, attendees will be delighted to see the familiar themes their anticipation has been growing alongside, come to life.

When you need to break the mold and stand out from the ordinary, considering hiring folks who know a thing or two about creating memorable content. Partnering with production and creative content experts will facilitate enhanced engagement by creating binge-worthy content that excites and inspires attendees. Whether video, podcast, motion graphic or more, to get noticed in the inboxes of today you must deliver content that is unexpected, demonstrates value, creates connections, and helps facilitate the attendee journey. At The Collective, we live and breathe creating unforgettable event experiences. If you’re looking to enthrall your team, we’d love it if you said hello.


Originally published Aug 30, 2021 12:34:59 PM
Last updated on Jul 28, 2023 8:34:04 AM

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