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Virtual Meetings: Segment Ideas for a Dynamic Experience

With the constant stream of content and current lack of in-person contact, it’s more important than ever to create experiences that are engaging for remote audiences. Whether it’s a brief meeting or a day long digital summit, nobody wants to sit through a PowerPoint presentation while a voice reads the content (this goes for live events too!).

Previously, we discussed steps in building engagement with virtual meetings. Now, we dive deeper into the visual aspects for captivating an audience by highlighting various ideas for virtual meeting segments.

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What an engaging virtual meeting looks like

When you’re considering a virtual meeting, the delivery of the content is everything. Think about what television shows you’re drawn to–they all have high quality, sharp, clear images and incredible sound design. Most importantly, they have a captivating story that keeps your attention. This is what audiences are used to seeing on their screens–and it is the quality they are expecting from a virtual meeting.

The best virtual meetings feature a variety of content, session types and set-ups. This keeps audiences engaged, while a single shot or presentation may not hold their attention. Additionally, a variety of speakers will provide multiple voices and perspectives and therefore, a more engaged audience.

Virtual meeting segment ideas

To elevate the experience of your virtual meeting, consider formatting the content in one or more of these segment ideas. These speaker segments paired with quality design and production will deliver your messaging in the most engaging way.


News host

News Style Broadcast

This format mimics a television news broadcast. Featuring one or two central “anchors” or hosts, these sessions can feature several remote presenters, displayed through split screen conversations or separate “news” segments. Additional elements, such as branded event bumpers, animated transitions, lower thirds and more allow these sessions to look and feel like a television broadcast.

Executive presenter

Executive Presentations

This standard format for high level speakers will allow executives or company leadership to present in a way that is familiar to them. Audience members will primarily watch the executive present, while presentations showing key information or images will be cut throughout the presentation.

TED talk speaker

Ted-Style Talks

Immerse the audience with single-spotlight storytelling, enhanced with visual and audio cues and effects, similar to TED Talks. Filmed in a simple studio or room, these pieces allow audiences to primarily focus on the story being told. These, often emotional, stories are enhanced by subtle sound or visual effects.



Female talk show host

Late Night Show

This concept takes the news broadcast format to a more casual, entertaining level. Using many of the same elements as a news style broadcast, these sessions are fast paced and full of video content, remote presenters and humor.

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Meeting while social distancing

Under current circumstances, virtual meetings have become much more commonplace as organizations have employees working remotely more than ever. Virtual meetings and events allow attendees to participate from the safety of their own home and speakers to deliver professionally produced video from a separate (and also safe) location. The above segments can all be produced while practicing safe social distancing for the audience and speakers, as well as evolve into produced segments when we are able to gather again.


Originally published Apr 14, 2020 7:30:00 AM
Last updated on Oct 12, 2023 10:52:24 AM

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