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Creative Content Development

Creation of a bespoke brand documentary

A 45 minute documentary featuring former relief pitcher of the Cincinnati Reds, Jeff Brantley.

Success Story

The Brief

The project involved creating a branded documentary film to showcase Stryker’s innovative Blueprint software.

The film’s focal point was the compelling story of Jeff Brantley, a renowned MLB broadcaster and former relief pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds, as he underwent shoulder replacement surgery.

The aim was to highlight the transformative impact of the surgery and the role of Stryker’s technology in his journey.

The Solution

The content team fully produced all aspects of the 45 minute documentary. Key locations and archival footage were scouted and secured to help tell this compelling story.

The film combined sweeping stadium shots and archival flashbacks of Brantley’s baseball career, setting a nostalgic and impactful backdrop. These elements were intertwined with scenes showcasing the advanced medical technology used in his surgery.

The narrative was designed to capture the emotional and physical journey of Brantley, from a celebrated athlete and broadcaster to a patient, and then back to his true self, post-surgery.

The Results

The documentary successfully highlighted Jeff Brantley’s personal and inspiring story.

Visual elements such as stadium shots and flashbacks added depth and context, while the focus on the Blueprint software effectively demonstrated its significance in modern medical procedures.

The branded documentary, a  blend of storytelling and technological innovation, left a lasting impression on its viewers.