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Global Conference

Stage design & Content creation for governmental affairs conference

Full production and planning services, content development, event management and logistics

Success Story

The Brief

A national association responsible for hosting the annual Global Credit Union Conference needed a compelling way to educate, motivate, and empower attendees.

The conference aimed to prepare them to effectively communicate with government officials about the needs and priorities of Credit Unions.

The challenge was to design an event that was both informative and engaging, with a global reach to members who couldn’t attend in person.

The Solution

Over four days, a dynamic event was produced featuring the organization’s leadership and prominent figures from Washington D.C.

To enhance the experience and reinforce key messages, video and motion graphic content were used to tell the customers stories, bring out keynote speakers and maintain audience engagement throughout the conference.

The event was made accessible to a broader audience through a full webcast, reaching over 100,000 credit union members worldwide. Real-time language interpretations in 10 different languages were provided to cater to both live and remote attendees.

Additionally, daily content reels and sound bites were produced for dissemination on social media platforms, extending the event’s impact beyond the physical venue.

The Results

The conference was a triumph, drawing in more than 5,000 attendees and representing 58 countries.

The comprehensive webcast successfully reached an impressive audience of over 100,000 credit union members globally.

The real-time language interpretations ensured inclusivity and engagement for attendees from various linguistic backgrounds. Daily content reels and social media sound bites effectively amplified the conference’s key messages, extending the reach and impact of the event.

This successful execution marked the continuation of over 8 years of trusted service in organizing and managing this event.