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Unforgettable CSR Activity for Automotive Client

CSR activity during annual incentive enriches local community and creates unforgettable attendee experience

Success Story


A top automotive company asked us to design its coveted annual incentive program that included a CSR activity to enrich a local Mexican community and create an unforgettable attendee experience.


  • Automotive company
  • Annual incentive
  • 200 attendees
  • All expense paid trip for top sales performers


  • First CSR activity
  • Hands on community impact initiative
  • New playground for elementary school
  • Entire community rallied

The Brief

Annually, this client awards 200 of their top sales performers with a coveted, all -expenses paid trip to the Caribbean or Mexico. They needed help to design a high-touch program that would motivate and excite their team to reach (and surpass) sales targets.

The Solution

In the past, this program had involved group events such as whale watching, catamaran sails and snorkeling. In 2016, we suggested adding a CSR component that packed a much bigger punch. We partnered with our DMC in Mexico to design a community impact initiative that aligned with our client’s goals and provided attendees with a hands-on opportunity that enriched the lives of everyone involved.

The Results

The attendees and community will never forget this incredible trip that resulted in a newly built playground for a local elementary school. The group rallied together during an event that welcomed the community, Mayor and local media. Everyone worked together, and in four hours, the school children had a complete playground. The Mayor wrapped up the day with a heartfelt thank you speech. The client received an award for the community contribution and each attendee was presented with a hand made card from the children.

The Story

Many schools in Puerto Vallarta only have a slab of concrete serving as a playground. To better this community and present attendees with an unforgettable experience, we researched opportunities and proposed a project to the school board for:

  • School supplies
  • Playground equipment
  • A “tire hill” from recycled used tires from our client’s local dealer

We then connected with contractors to build and install the new structures. We also planned a barbeque cookout for the children, teachers and local community. While working closely with the Puerto Vallarta community and school during the pre-trip planning stage, we deployed a series of creative teasers to attendees giving them clues to generate excitement and curiosity around the program. Even in the early stages, this new CSR component helped build pre-trip sales momentum driving motivation and anticipation. On the day of the event, we divided the attendees into teams— building the playground or “tire” hill, putting together the school supplies or operating the barbeque. Each team received color-coded scarfs and t-shirts to help with team building and add to the overall energy of the activity. And, what energy there was! The entire community rallied together, including the mayor, to support the attendees. Incredibly, within four hours, the playground was complete. The children were “let loose” to enjoy the hard work and the cheers of delight were proof of our success. The mayor closed the day with a heartfelt thank you speech and presented our client with an award for community contribution. To top it off, the children distributed handmade cards to each attendee to show their gratitude. To highlight further the importance of the event to the community, the local media covered the event in depth.