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Virtual Annual Meeting

Specialist virtual event production for AIIB Annual Meeting

Live event, turned 2-day fully produced virtual meeting, with a live TV broadcast feel.

Success story

The Brief

AIIB had planned to hold their 5th Annual Meeting in a face-to-face environment in July 2020, however, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and travel restrictions imposed, they needed an alternative way to stage this flagship event. In addition to remote keynote speakers, a branded studio was also required locally in Beijing. This brief required an end-to-end solution including delegate registration with integration into the web platform.

The Solution

BCD Meetings & Events designed, planned and successfully delivered a live, 2-day fully produced virtual meeting, starting with a high-profile Opening Ceremony and followed by 6 webinar sessions for 1,600 attendees. The agenda included panel discussions between the global remote presenters and the Beijing studio. Messages were delivered through a mix of media and it was important that the audience could interact and participate throughout. In addition to producing the live virtual meeting, our solution also included delegate registration, content development, creative design and video animation.

The Results

BCD Meetings & Events delivered a seamless virtual meeting that had the look and feel of a live TV broadcast rather than a standard online meeting. The entire event was delivered from our central production studio in the UK, ensuring a high-quality webcast and strong connection to the audience, with back-ups and fail safes in place.

Project Overview

  • First time AIIB had held their Annual Meeting virtually
  • 4 weeks from being awarded the project to virtual event production delivery
  • Held over 2 days, the conference meeting included an Opening Ceremony and 6 x 45-minute webinars
  • Fully branded & interactive webcast platform with agenda, live stream function and audience participation including live moderated Q&A
  • Coordination of 17 remote, high-profile speakers and state dignitaries across the globe, with full technical rehearsals and virtual coaching advice in advance of the live meeting
  • Set-up and management of the Beijing studio with HD quality equipment and full technical crew

Project Overview Continued

  • 1,600 remote attendees included officials from AIIB member governments, private sector infrastructure specialists, AIIB clients, SME’s and academics, as well as members of the general public
  • A GMT broadcast time accommodated most audience locations and time zones as best as possible
  • With potential challenges around the Chinese Firewall, which could have impacted the live webcast, BCD M&E conducted a lot of pre-event testing with the client, platform, live stream and local studio feed to check any restrictions, in addition to whitelisting the platform URL with all relevant parties to ensure a seamless viewing for the audience
  • BCD M&E delivered an end-to-end and consistent service with integrated virtual meeting alongside our delegate registration system, plus content development, video & animation creation, name straps and platform & presentation designs
  • Post-event data analytics reporting, including live viewing reports and attendee location, time and duration of meeting attendance