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3 Pillars for Integrating Technology Into an SMM Program

Technology empowers.  It is the unspoken foundation of processes and programs to gain insight and metrics for process improvement in organizations across the globe.  It is no different with your Strategic Meetings Management program.  Read on to understand the BCD M&E vision on technology evolution with our three pillars for integrating technology into an SMM program.

How to Integrate Technology into a Strategic Meetings Management Program | Global agency, BCD Meetings & Events


How to integrate technology into a strategic meetings management program


    • Create a cohesive technology strategy with products that facilitate the endgame
  • Start with endgame analytics that need to be generated to provide business insight
  • Streamline workflows and data capture to address business needs; remove unnecessary process or data collection.
  • Focus on personas and how users will adopt products as part of your technology strategy and architecture


  • Understand ROI value for your company
    • Higher attendance
    • Impact on sales pipeline
    • Attendee satisfaction
  • Capture online and onsite digital footprint by implementing proper technologies
  • Integrate into the sales and marketing ecosystem for accurate measurement and simplified connection


  • Understand and incorporate data privacy/GDPR outlook
  • Designate leads for program and technology oversight – agency or internal stakeholders
  • Place emphasis on data collection aggregation, management, normalization and insights
  • Approval process for technology modifications and enhancements to ensure program and data continuity



Originally published Aug 30, 2018 5:42:04 PM
Last updated on Jan 5, 2023 10:12:58 AM

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