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Why Registration is Still Crucial to a Virtual Event

Attendee registration has always been a critical part of the attendee journey. It’s a key point of entry for participants, providing an introduction to the experience ahead, setting the tone for what’s to be expected and providing a contact for questions and communications. And although this year our industry and processes have seen many changes, registration remains a necessary element for events. In this article, BCD M&E On-site Technology Engineer, Alex Wright, shares his experience to explain why.

Event professional providing registration support during a virtual event | Global agency, BCD Meetings & Events

Event registration in a virtual world

Over the past few months, I have had the pleasure of helping to deliver virtual registration projects for some superb events that were supposed to be in person.

As an event planner – an onsite from home was an interesting yet familiar experience: the same ‘main reg’ and keynote anticipation, the same long days, the same delegate queries, the same post workday wine craving. The same team and colleague comradery.

It has certainly become clear to me that registration in the virtual events world is not so different to delivering the live events we miss so much, but it is still as important as ever. In my opinion, the only thing missing is the badge.

Registration can easily become an afterthought, but the reality is, the important and memorable attendee journey starts from the very first click.

Creating a Successful Registration Experience

The virtual event access journey is one that should be straightforward. When there isn’t a shuttlebus to drop them at the entrance, we need to make sure our attendees know how and when to log on, how to view their preferred content and how to interact with the event as it takes place. This is the difference between your registrant being an absent attendee verses an active participant. Communication and a joined up, uniformed registration and virtual meeting platform is key.

When there is no desk onsite for our attendees to walk up to and ask questions, it is important to make their virtual event attendance and participation as easy (and secure) as possible.

Tips for managing registration virtually

1. Invitees still need a clear and easy yet, appropriately detailed and targeted registration experience.

2. There are still multiple attendee types, all requiring differing information and access levels to be managed.

3. Attendees still need reminders, timely and accurate communications, guidance and good customer service.

4. We still need to herd attendees to the keynote on time. (In 2020 terms, get them logged on!)

5. There is still session and event attendance tracking, feedback and post event data to be captured. – All of which is incredibly valuable.

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Don’t let registration be an afterthought. It’s the first interaction your participant has with your event and done well, can drive meaningful data, networks and business. Your eager attendees can’t absorb your amazing content if they can’t register and log on to your platform with ease.

Make your virtual event count!


Originally published Oct 12, 2020 12:00:00 PM
Last updated on Jan 3, 2023 4:29:18 PM

Written by Alexander Wright

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