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We support events from around the world by simplifying the booking experience for event organizers, exhibitors, delegates and visitors.

Our skilled consultants work with you to identify your exact requirements so we can design the right service for your event. Negotiating room allocations or guaranteed room blocks, we can design a solution that provides a proactive service that works with you to increase adoption.

Using leading technology and leveraging our industry expertise, we develop simple and easy to use solutions that provide excellent rates and innovative ideas to help promote the accommodation service, allowing you to focus on your event.

"Thanks again for everything. You are the most efficient travel/event organizer I have ever dealt with!"

Learn about our services:

Expert Contracting
With our team of experienced negotiators, strong industry relationships and buying power, we help you obtain the best deals possible!

Strategic Management
Our account services team will manage your hotel block daily with access to reporting tools and real-time inventory tracking, ensuring adequate rooms are available for your participants.

Our marketing team will work closely with you to outline a 12-month action plan to  promote your event. By integrating the accommodation messaging, we help create awareness and timeliness around the official hotel block.

Customer Support
With easy access to your event details, our customer support representatives are available to answer questions or modify reservations in real time.

VIP Service
Does your event have high profile participants? No problem! They’ll be provided with a personal contact for anything they may need, ensuring the highest level of service.

Our easy-to-use reservation system makes hotel booking a stress-free task for your guests. They’ll have the ability to book from anywhere, at any time, with just a few simple clicks!

Group Bookings
Our specialists are experienced in booking groups of any size, large or small. We’ll work with you to simplify the group reservation experience and to avoid costly cancellations.

Data Analytics
With our state-of-the-art reporting tools, you’ll have access to your event’s hotel data and analytics through a dashboard, allowing a live view of insights for registration and housing.

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