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Compliance Tips for Healthcare & Pharma Meetings

Is your marketing team looking for new ways to ensure a compliant program? At BCD M&E, we understand the importance of following all of the rules and regulations in the life sciences world. To help your teams succeed, here are a few compliance tips for healthcare and pharma meetings. Implement this week and see a difference right away!

5 Easy compliance tips for healthcare and pharma meetings



Make connections and get to know your marketing and meetings team. Listen to what they share as roadblocks to success in the healthcare and pharmaceutical field. Collaborate with them on ways to achieve objectives in a compliant manner.


Like it or not, your responsibilities include educating others. Embrace that responsibility and rise to the occasion. Sound daunting? Don’t fret. Training doesn’t have to be formal or in person. It simply should be visually stimulating, relevant and digestible, especially with the complex topics of healthcare and pharmaceuticals. You can play around with formats including webinars and on-demand. Likewise, try a “bite sized” approach, such as “content chunking”. Content chunking is a technique that takes a larger or more complex topic and breaks it into smaller more manageable and memorable sections. This practice works well if you break a complex topic into a few chunks over the course of a couple of weeks. Another best practice is to have a standing weekly call for 15 minutes, which focuses entirely on new training, best practices or updates to old training content.


Dust off that old training content that is a recital of “do’s” and “don’ts” and revise it. Explain “why” rules are in place and give concrete examples of “how” employees can meet the company’s objectives in a compliant way. While you won’t be able to cover every possible scenario that may come up, you can provide some solid ideas to enable them to spot potential risk. While you are at it, review your policies and SOPs for readability. Did you know that effective SOPs should be at a 10th grade reading level or easier? You can use Microsoft Office to test your document’s readability. To learn how, click here.


Talk with peers outside your organization. Share best practices & learn how others execute effective, yet compliant meetings in the healthcare and pharmaceutical field.


Make it fun! Compliance doesn’t need to be dull nor does it need to be dreaded. Celebrate those who have clean audits, have a track record of following process or hosted a successful and compliant meeting.


Have you discovered your own compliance tips for healthcare and pharma meetings?  Leave us a comment to let us know what’s worked for your brand.  For more information on how BCD Meetings & Events can help with your peer-to-peer meetings, visit our life sciences page here.


Originally published Apr 5, 2018 8:34:19 PM
Last updated on Jan 5, 2023 10:32:23 AM

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