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6 Factors That Improve Sports Team Travel

The team must work well together in every sport, but who looks after them when they’re not working? As sports become more global in scope, an increasing amount of time is spent in transit; moving between training, matches and tournaments. It’s no longer acceptable to settle for the disorganized, improvising supplier who promise what they can’t achieve. So, what does that look like? What needs to be assessed? What are the ways to improve sports team travel to help your client succeed on and off the field?

6 Factors That Can Improve Sports Team Travel | BCD Sports

Factors that improve travel logistics


Everyone is taking a cut. The travel and logistics supply chain is littered with intermediaries taking commission here, and charging payment there. Domestically you may have some visibility, and that may be acceptable, but multiply the travel program by just a few countries and suddenly you’re in an unmanageable mess. More professional suppliers will bring consistency across continents, and critically provide transparent budgeting with increased buying power with hotels and transportation providers.


Trains, planes, hotels, motels – all the same thing, right? Far from it. With so much at stake when guiding your teams around the world, you need to ensure the people in charge of logistics get everything right, down to the finest detail (read this behind-the-scenes account by one of our own). Timing, preferences, routes, reliability; all critical to the successful movement of people. It’s hard enough to organize a family holiday but doing the equivalent for an international tour of sporting professionals is best left to experts: experienced people and reliable technology that ensure everything goes according to plan.


If those organizing your team travel are stressed, your team will be too. Don’t accept those who are winging it and unsettling your players before the crucial match. Your team’s travel experience should be serene, relaxed, and even enjoyable. Precise planning will lead to calm organizers guiding your people through a stress-free experience.


The world is an unpredictable place at the best of times, but especially so nowadays. Threats are there in transit and in-country, from pickpockets to terrorists. Although your travel planners can’t eliminate the danger completely, they can minimize it. Protect all your assets, from talent to tickets and everything in between.


If the worst does happen, knowing where your people are at any given moment is key. The advent of modern technology enables pinpoint tracking of your people and equipment. Make sure you have the right team and tech in place to trigger a recovery plan and get back on track.


MVPs, VIPs, SVPs – some demand only the best. The challenge is to balance their requirements with the needs of the team, and to deliver at the level of service they expect. Whether it’s for fans, sponsors or press, a proper managed service will ensure that their experience is second to none.


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Originally published Nov 24, 2023 11:07:44 AM

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