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9 to 5 With Lucas Settineri

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If you’ve ever worked with The Collective on a produced live or virtual event, then there’s a chance that you’ve run into Content Producer, Lucas Settineri. He’s the one advising on which compelling content to incorporate into the experience or ensuring a smooth execution of all media elements during the event. To learn more about his role on the Production & Creative Content team, Lucas is sharing what his 9 to 5 looks like during the work week.


9 to 5 with Lucas Settineri

8:00 AM

This morning I had a meeting at 8:30 AM, so was at my desk preparing for it a little before then. When I’m not traveling, I work mostly from my home in New Jersey, but head into the New York office a couple of times a week.

This meeting was with a healthcare client to discuss their upcoming hybrid event. Most of the audience will be in-person but since it’s a global organization, there will be a virtual component as well. Prior to the meeting, I worked with the Event Producer to understand the agenda and during the call, presented recommendations for types of video and content to fit into it.

Given that it’s hybrid, there’s this balance of engaging the people in the room and also the people at home. One recommendation to engage the virtual audience is showing their peers “hello from” videos. These are clips sent in from remote attendees to help them feel more connected to the event.

10:00 AM

After the call, I work on building out the budget and timeline based on our discussions. Certain factors that we have to consider now are the logistics of in-person shoots and prioritizing the production of video content to ensure it’s completed by the show date. Confirming the agenda, timeline, and budget is always a big step in the process.

12:00 PM

If it’s a busy day at the office, we’ll order in or, since it’s New York, we can basically walk anywhere for a good lunch. Now that the weather is nice, it’s great to spend a little time outside too.

1:00 PM

In my role there’s a lot of liaising between the client and our internal team. So, one responsibility that I have is reviewing comments that a customer has made on a video draft. This is important to understand what they are looking for. Then, I’ll set up a call to discuss the next iteration with the team. This will involve an editor, graphic designer and possibly a creative director but, we’re a very collaborative group and are always pulling in different people to gain different perspectives. I may loop in other Content Producers to ideate on creative solutions for any challenges.


3:00 PM

Recently, we traveled to Minnesota for a virtual event and now, there are a few items to finalize to wrap things up. Today, I work on reviewing the recording of the show and determine what content is needed post event. Such as, a master show recording, a summary infographic, or a highlight reel. I will work on making notes for our editor and graphics team to get those into production. Following an event, we always have an internal debrief and one with the customer to confirm that they have all of the post-event content needed as well as talk about key learnings and takeaways from the event.

Behind the Scenes_Media & Production


5:30 PM

Although no two days are the same, I typically sign off around 5:30 PM. When onsite, work days tend to be longer. We will arrive two days before the show date to set up and for rehearsals. I’ll work with the Event Producer to ensure all content is complete and present. Or, manage any last minute changes. If a speaker needs copy writing or design support, my team will assist with that as well.

The best part of my job is the ability to see it all come together – from conception to watching it play on a big screen. Seeing a project through is really exciting. I’m now looking forward to an upcoming project where we’ll be heading overseas to capture testimonials. It will be my first time traveling internationally with BCD Meetings & Events but as of right now – I’m just hoping it still happens!


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Originally published Aug 23, 2021 11:21:52 AM
Last updated on Dec 28, 2022 3:31:13 PM

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