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Bring Your Livestream to the Netflix Level

What if your next event was just like sitting down to watch your current Netflix binge? Instead of clicking a link to join, you switch on the Apple TV. In place of sitting on your desk chair, you get cozy on the couch nestled in your home’s living room.

This isn’t a hypothetical situation. It’s a current reality and the next level of virtual events.

Man and woman sitting on a couch at home livestreaming a corporate virtual event | Global agency, BCD Meetings & Events

How to enhance the livestream of your virtual event

At the start of the pandemic, virtual events were a way to continue delivering key messages in the absence of in-person gatherings. Now, more a year later, they have evolved into innovative experiences that go well beyond a computer screen.

Today, the most successful virtual events are modeled after what we see on television. For example, formats similar to the evening news or a talk show, which elevates the quality of a broadcast. It’s the end of the home presentation era with one stand-alone presenter and their webcam. Now, with precautions in place, we have the ability to go on premise to company offices or hotel ballrooms and capture multiple speakers with professional broadcast equipment to truly create a TV-like experience.

This content can then be delivered in the same manner as your favorite binge-worthy show. Instead of streaming to people’s laptops, it’s streamed Over The Top (OTT) to set top boxes such as Roku, Fire Stick and Apple TV. Attendee interaction during the event, such as polling, can take place via mobile device.

Presenter on screen during a corporate virtual event | Global agency, BCD Meetings & Events

Imagine a food brand with their very own Food Network for a day, reaching nearly 10,000 customers. The audience can be truly captivated by a number of different TV shows, such as a Chopped-like segment complete with a live cooking competition. Alternatively, imagine a beauty brand with their own virtual event TV show. Beauty influencers promoting various products across sponsored prerecorded or live segments. All while balancing with engaging, snackable “commercial content” to break up the content and provide additional exposure for product commercials and videos.

This TV-style format and OTT delivery re-introduce engaging elements that went missing once live events went virtual. Such as quality and authentic storytelling, a focus on context and environment, and of course, the main concern when it comes to virtual—attendee engagement. And if the success of your favorite streaming platform is any indication of the impact this format can have, it’s safe to say that every experience should aim to be on the Netflix level.


Originally published Jul 19, 2021 9:00:00 AM
Last updated on Dec 28, 2022 4:15:23 PM

Written by Ryan Legue


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