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Back to Basics for Corporate Road Warriors

Recently there has been a shake-up in business travel and corporate events, with the pandemic preventing us from traveling completely, and the ever-present need to become more sustainable forcing businesses, individuals, and consumers to question trips that would have once been deemed essential. However, there is still a clear need for ‘real life’ connection, in-person meetings, and considered business travel.

Many of us are now accustomed to working from home one day and the office the next – we’ve mastered our setup for these locations. But, add in a flight and an overnight stay (something many of us may not have done for 3+ years), and our ‘essentials’ checklist becomes much more extensive.

If you’re a little rusty when it comes to packing for a work trip, or if you’re just always on the lookout for a handy nugget of information to make your next conference, event, or meeting a little easier, this list of tips is for you.

Business Trip Essentials

Reducing Stress is the Goal

  • Being prepared and organized is the main way to make your trip go with ease. If your company works with a travel management company such as BCD Travel, the majority of this will be done for you. Flight details, itinerary, and destination information will all arrive in your inbox.
  • Comfort is key. Being uncomfortable and relaxed are not mutually exclusive. Too hot, too cold, too restricted, too informal – comfort is different for each of us, just make sure you have what you need to feel at your best.
  • A travel checklist. The perfect way to ensure you have everything and banish doubtful thoughts.

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What makes a good travel checklist

  • Have two lists, a basics list and a list for extended trips or overseas events
  • Keep a basic version of your checklist on your phone, tablet, or laptop. This will save you time writing it out before each journey.
  • Continue to add to your checklist, learn from the previous trip, and make notes on your phone as soon as you think of something else you require.


Business Travel Checklist

What to take

  • Travel documentation/passport
    Have copies of your travel documentation saved on your phone and email account.
  • Wallet/purse
    Obvious, yes. But, it is essential and if forgotten everything would be a lot trickier. For added ease make sure you have a bank card that doesn’t charge extra for purchases abroad.
  • Phone
    Personal phone, work phone, chargers for each if they are different. Bring a power bank and cable so you never have to worry about running out of battery.
  • Laptop, screens, chargers
    Laptop, tablet, second screen, charger, connectivity cables, adapter. Everything you need to do the required work. Keep it simple and tidy, wrap cables so they don’t get tangled, and use a bag that can carry the electricals you need.
  • Stationary
    Bring the items you are familiar with, even your favorite type of pen can help bring focus to your work.
  • Clothing & shoes
    Bring a combination of smart and casual clothes suitable for the climate you are traveling to. It can get cold on the flight so bring an extra layer for traveling. If your clothes are short on pockets a crossbody bag can be super useful when traveling and also when you are on-site at an event.
  • Travel luxuries
    If you need to get some rest whilst traveling, bringing a black-out sleep mask, ear plugs and travel pillow will be a lifesaver especially if you are changing time zones on your trip.
  • Refillable water bottle
    Staying hydrated will make a huge difference to the way you feel after your flight and a refillable bottle is another way to avoid buying plastic you’ll only use once.
  • Healthy energy fueling snacks
    Whether you have had to skip breakfast at home to make your flight or have specific dietary needs, bringing a healthy snack you enjoy will add to your preparation and keep you fueled until your next meal.

attendee arriving at business meeting in a taxi | Global Agency. BCD Meetings & Events

What to do

  • Airports
    Even if your flight is delayed you must be at the airport at the original flight time to get through security. Have a basic understanding of the size of the airport you are traveling to and from, which will help you if you have to get to a gate.
  • Know the modes of transport for your destination
    Arriving in a new city/destination the first thing you need when you leave the airport is transport and not knowing your route is bound to cause stress at the start of your trip. Plan how you are going to get to your accommodation and the safest transport options available.

  • Take steps to prevent jet lag
    Fatigue and a lack of concentration caused by jet lag are unwanted side effects of international travel, especially when you have a business meeting to attend. To minimize the effects stay hydrated, stay on the schedule of your new time zone, and try to sleep on the plane if it’s night-time in your destination.

  • Photograph receipts
    This is handy to keep a record for when you come to do your expenses and means you don’t have to worry about keeping all those bits of paper.


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Originally published Aug 8, 2022 9:46:11 AM
Last updated on Dec 22, 2022 9:55:28 AM

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