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Meetings Maturity Model Findings and Insights in 2023

Each year, BCD M&E surveys its Account Managers globally to assess the maturity of meetings programs across a range of organizations and verticals. After a turbulent few years in the industry, how are programs changing and what trends are apparent? Let’s take a look.

How are organizations assessed?

Organizations are assessed against BCD M&E’s own Maturity Model. The model covers criteria within 16 components of a meetings program, and this assesses the maturity of a meetings program from an unmanaged state to leading. The results can be used to assess a program progression, benchmark performance against other accounts or an industry vertical and to prioritize focus within a business plan.


What trends are we seeing?

  • Although still in relevant infancy compared to other program components, there is more focus on tangible initiatives tying into to organizational strategies around sustainability, DE&I and wellness.
  • 71% of organizations are at Performing or Leading levels of maturity. Within strategy, policy and stakeholders being the highest performing areas of a program on average.
  • The survey also focused on some key areas of current relevancy, including the management of internal meeting space. 45% of organizations already include the use of internal meeting space in their meeting policies with an increasing push to include management of internal space meetings as part of the overall meetings program.
  • We also found that 80% of organizations are implementing measures in response to rising labor and commodity costs. Measures include stakeholder education, increasing meal and hotel cap allowances, pushing to virtual where possible and reducing attendee counts and meeting durations.

The model and its results provide context and conversations for our Account Managers and customers to develop focus in specific areas that achieve program goals and a framework to set initiatives as part of a strategic plan.

If you would like a complimentary assessment of your meetings program – please contact – [email protected].

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Originally published Jun 12, 2023 6:46:33 AM
Last updated on Jun 14, 2023 9:04:33 AM

Written by Charlotte Leo


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