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The Top Meetings & Events Industry Articles of 2020

This year, the COVID-19 pandemic shifted typical discussions around industry trends, travel and technology (to name a few) in a major way. With restrictions early this year placed on face to face interactions and traveling, conversations focused on transitioning to virtual and eventually hybrid experiences.

It’s no surprise that the most popular topics from our Insights this year included attendee engagement, hybrid meetings and executing successful meetings and events while distanced. In case you missed it, here are the top five blog posts shared this year by BCD Meetings & Events.


The 5 most popular posts of 2020

#5) How to Create a Rewarding Virtual Incentive Experience


The pandemic brought incentive travel programs to a screeching halt, causing companies to get creative with virtual experiences. In this post, we shared a few tips on how to successfully reward top employees through virtual incentives.

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#4) How to Create Engaging Virtual Meetings

Engaging virtual meetings - 3

One of the biggest concerns with transitioning live events to digital experiences is the ability to effectively engage the audience. It’s true that there is no real replacement for the impact of in-person experiences, but there are some ways to make your virtual meeting more exciting for participants.

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Watch how we transitioned Diageo’s Golden Bar awards into an exciting digital experience!

#3) 7 Success Factors for Hybrid Events

Hybrid success factorsWith some areas of the world seeing restrictions lifted, hybrid events are becoming more of a reality and will most likely continue to be a prominent format in 2021. These types of events require executing content in both a live and virtual environment-here are some key considerations as you plan.

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#2) How to Create a Virtual Event That Attendees Will Want to Join

Executive presenter

With video calls being the basis of our new normal in 2020, “Zoom fatigue” became another prominent trend that emerged. This has made it imperative to differentiate a virtual meeting or event from the standard conference call that we’re all familiar with. In this post, we share seven tips for creating an experience that an audience will be eager to log on for.

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#1) Why a Meetings Management Program is Crucial During a Global Crisis

Elbowbumping (1)Our most-read article of 2020 answered how a managed meetings program can benefit your business during such a challenging time. We detailed 10 ways that it provides much more than just guidance and support but effective and efficient solutions.

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Originally published Dec 18, 2020 8:00:00 AM
Last updated on Apr 6, 2023 4:49:11 PM

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