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Q&A with Scott Graf as he steps down as Global President of BCD Meetings & Events

After more than 36 years in the meetings and events industry (26 with BCD), Scott Graf announced his plans to retire from BCD M&E with Bruce Morgan stepping into the role of Global President.

We sat down with Scott to discuss his decision. Here’s what he had to say.

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36 years in the industry and 26 with BCD. Why is now the right time for you to go?

That is a big question that saw a few different pieces of the puzzle come together and create the right time.

First, the business is strong.

I fell in love with this industry at the age of 22. What began as a four-person shop in 1997 became BCD Meetings & Events—a leading agency operating across more than 60 countries with nearly 2,000 employees producing more than 60,000 events per year. The amount of heart and dedication we all put into building this business together has never waned and is just as impressive today.

Combined with the fact that the COVID cloud has completely cleared; we are trending toward another record year of client retention and sales success; and, we have the best people in the industry with an admired and fiercely protected culture; I am leaving BCD M&E in a position of strength. And, I know Bruce is the right person to lead the business into its next phase of growth.

Second, I am ready to spend more time with friends and family.

What truly began as a plan for retirement so that I could refocus more quality time with my loved ones and simply enjoy life, took an interesting turn and brought about reason three.

I have always wanted to create a business of my own.

The opportunity to pursue another business venture that will keep me close to the BCD family with BCD founder John Fentener van Vlissingen presented itself. This new venture will sit within BORON, the family’s private investment company, and kick off in April 2024.

What will you miss most about BCD M&E?

That is a very easy question to answer—the people. I spent the last 26 years learning and laughing with people I respect and admire. Some of my best memories are with those I have worked with. And, when you work with the caliber of people I have, colleagues easily turn into friends. I will treasure my time with the people at BCD above anything.

What are you most excited about for BCD M&E’s future?

There is no finish line. The team, under Bruce’s leadership, has the ability to continue to expand and grow the business to meet customer demand, innovate the industry, redefine impeccable service and, most importantly, to create an enjoyable journey for everyone involved. The creativity and possibility are endless and the passion to do it is fierce.


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Originally published Sep 12, 2023 4:16:19 AM
Last updated on Oct 12, 2023 10:42:22 AM

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