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Using Content to Build a Sense of Community

Change is an opportunity to reset – to be brave in redesigning more meaningful, enduring relationships. As humans, we are fundamentally wired to connect, and right now our feelings of security, loyalty and well-being are in flux. Our “normal” way of meeting, creating connections and identifying with each other has changed.

But in this time where we cannot meet face to face, we can re-calibrate how we are connecting so we can be stronger in the future. The time will come when we meet in person again; our task now is to find ways to create the magic of human connection from afar.

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Strengthening and maintaining a sense of unity is crucial for organizations looking to reach their goals and vision for 2020 and beyond. The challenge now is not whether to engage, but how? And on what new and different levels? How do you re-frame your approach?

Here are three ways that you can step up to the challenge and communicate with sensitivity, building engagement in new powerful ways.


How to Connect with audiences through your communications strategy

Design intentionally

Whether you’re planning ways to engage your audience for a virtual meeting or an in-person meeting, the discovery process is the same. Before you begin any integrated marketing campaign for an event, take time to consider your audience and build personas. The more you understand them, the more success you will have communicating with them. Also think about your business goals. Are you looking to motivate? Inspire? These are things to discover and decide before beginning to plan out your engagement strategy.

Connect with content

Tell your story, love your people. People are happiest when they are an integral part of a shared passion and meaningful purpose. Show them something new, put their skills to the test, and look to the horizon… together. Drive connections with useful content, thoughtful touchpoints and authentic communications that spark conversation and perpetuate your brand story.

Engage without borders

Today’s engagement strategies must prioritize and recognize the remote experience. Modern engagement is multi-faceted, and now more than ever you’ll need to cut through the noise. Engagement for meetings and events is a combination of digital, social and physical platforms. Content requires empathy – valuable information, networking and education delivered with solid copywriting, professional graphics and production, data-driven insight and a heavy dose of humanity.


Originally published Apr 28, 2020 7:30:00 AM
Last updated on Jan 4, 2023 9:29:51 AM

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