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What We Can Learn From The Life Sciences Industry

Chad Lemon and Miriam Moscovici, hosts of the podcast Connections with BCD Travel, sat down with Ashley Williams, Global Vice President of Life Sciences Center of Excellence (LSCOE) for BCD M&E and Teri Miller, Executive Vice President and the executive sponsor for the LSCOE at BCD Travel, to talk all things Life Sciences. Get a brief introduction in to this topic and listen to the full episode below.

Connections BCD Travel

What we can learn from the Life Sciences industry

It’s no secret that BCD is a world leader in managing Life Sciences travel programs, but there are lessons to be learned from this unique vertical that apply to everyone. Listening is vital and working together to understand needs is paramount. Using the combined power of BCD’s technology makes the journey seamless for travelers with specific needs.


Tell us what Life Sciences looks like meetings and events and about BCD’s Life Sciences Center of Excellence.

Ashley: Life Sciences is a pretty big tent, actually, and it includes the things that probably spring immediately to mind, like pharmaceutical manufacturers. These are the people that are making insulin pumps, insulin monitoring devices, pacemakers, etc., but it also includes a whole other ecosystem – Those are consumer healthcare companies that make, for example, toothpaste and ibuprofen, as well as insurers, hospitals and group purchasing organizations, which are made up of conglomerate of health care professionals (HCPs) who are trying to leverage their buying power. So lots of different types of organizations and companies in the big tent of Life Sciences.

What they all have in common is they’re all operating in a highly regulated environment. Our Life Sciences Center of Excellence is an answer to that. We create bespoke solutions that are really designed and custom-built to address the needs of those types of unique clients.

The patient piece of this is really going one level deeper, focusing on a particular type of customer, of our customers – which are the patients. These are sometimes folks who are medically fragile. They’re folks that have caregivers that also need support. They are people who have unique travel needs as attendees when they’re coming to meetings. Both on the travel and meeting side, we take special care of those people, and that has required the development of special and unique service sets that address those particular types of needs.

Can you tell us about how BCD leads in this area?

Teri: Right now, we’re probably handling about 90 percent of the top 20 pharma companies in the world. And when you start to bring in things like diagnostics and biotech and medical devices, we are truly leading the charge in this space. We’ve invested in it, which is exciting because what we’re doing and what we invest into will go beyond even the Life Sciences space.

We have a lot of experience in the travel and meeting sector and in some of the investments like our HCPP (Healthcare Professionals and Patient desk), we’re actually specialized in that service. It’s an area that I think many companies have struggled to be able to bring forward.


Listen to the full episode to hear more about:

  • Regulations and compliance within Life Sciences.
  • Patient services and unique traveler needs.
  • Deep listening and custom solutions.


Originally published Nov 14, 2023 6:37:27 AM

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